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Group order for Conjecture 3 Friday dinner

We are putting together a buffet-style group order for Friday dinner for those of us who don't want to have to leave the Con for dinner.

This year we are ordering from Kabob's Indian Grill. The catering guy there has helped us come up with a menu that can be served buffet-style, is mostly gluten-free, and is very reasonably priced. In fact they are giving us about $15/per person worth of food for only $10/person!

If you want to participate, please do the following 2+ things:

1) BEFORE Tuesday 10/16 at 5pm, look at the menu below and email conjecturefood@peggyoneill.net saying that you want to participate.

2) Hand Patricia Z. or Peggy O. $10 CASH per participant before Friday 10/19 at 5:30pm. (If you will be arriving after 5:30 and before the food is gone ask me if I can spot you until you arrive.)

+) (optional) This price does not include a tip since we are picking it up ourselves, but Rajesh, who worked with me on the order, and all of the staff, were really helpful. They even tried making gluten-free samosas and figured out how to make the entrees all gluten-free (unfortunately the GF samosas did not turn out). Please throw in a buck or 2 for tip if you are so inclined. THANKS!

Peggy will pick up the meal and bring it back with a goal of having dinner start at 7pm. Please keep in mind that it might start somewhat earlier or later.

Also, we are planning to make Mango Lassis for no extra charge (from the consuite budget if you must know).

And now, what you have all been waiting for…

TADKA DAL, Mild, Yellow lentils prepared in spices, onion, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and tamarind. (vegan + gluten-free)

PALAK PANEER, Mild, Homemade cheese & spinach gently spiced. (vegetarian + gluten-free)

BUTTER CHICKEN, Mild, Medium spicy tender pieces of tandoori chicken cooked in butter sauce (gluten-free)

METHI CHICKEN, Mild, Porridge chicken cooked in spices and fresh methi leaves (gluten-free)

CHICKEN TIKKA, Mild Boneless chicken pieces flavored with mild spices & cooked in tandoor (gluten-free)

RICE (gluten-free), NAAN, and SAMOSAS.

All food served buffet style.

Please note: most the dishes were about 1 level spicier than we expected. So think of mild as medium, though the Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka both qualify as mild even for the average Minnesotan palate.


My thanks to Peggy for suggesting this restaurant and Laura, Dean, Nate, Josh, Beth, Steve, + Peggy for testing it.

If you can eat nothing on this menu and want to order from Kabob's, please communicate with me (Patricia) before Tues 10/16 and we will try to arrange something.

If someone registers at the door and has not had a chance to order, we will see what we can do to accommodate them until 4pm Friday. Talk to Patricia ASAP upon arrival.

Thanks everyone for working with us to make this a RELAXicon for all :)
—Patricia + Peggy