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A long time ago,
in a living room far, far away . . .

... several of us tried to figure out what to do about the size and scope of Minicon. This resulted in a letter to MinnStf that attempted to identify some of the problems and offer some suggestions. Writing sessions were held at SEMGS headquarters and at a SEMGS retreat at Higgins Lake, Mighican. The sessions invariably followed the ritual production of Stupid Amounts of Food(tm). We started on it shortly after Minicon 25, and mailed it out in late spring (or early summer) of 1990.

Most of it is still applicable. Other parts are crass, but have been left in for the sake of accuracy. On the whole, it's been gratifying to see a number of the suggestions have been tried over the last few years. No doubt, we were not the first to suggest them, but we get our gratification where we can.

I don't recall who was in on the creation of the letter. The co-conspiritors I do recall are:

My applogies in advance to anyone I left off this list.

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