Vernor Vinge [his books]

GRIMMS WORLD (Berkley paperback) 1969

UK reprint: Hamlyn pb, 1978. Note: two stories linked into a novel; republished in 1987 in expanded version as TATJA GRIMMS WORLD.

THE WITLING (DAW paperback) 1976

US reprints: Bluejay trade pb 1986; Baen pb 1987. UK reprints: Dobson hc 1978; Hamlyn pb 1978; Pan pb 1990. Translations: French (1981), German (1984).

TRUE NAMES (Dell paperback) 1981

as BINARY STAR 5, a two-in-one volume (along with NIGHTFLYERS by George R. R. Martin).

TRUE NAMES (Bluejay trade paperback) 1984

Note: first separate edition of this novella. Translation: Danish (1986).

THE PEACE WAR (Bluejay hardcover) 1984

US reprint: Baen pb 1985. UK reprint: Pan pb 1987.

MAROONED IN REALTIME (Bluejay hardcover) 1986

US reprint: Baen pb 1987. UK reprint: Pan pb 1987.

Translations: Dutch (1987), Spanish (1989).

Note: sequel to THE PEACE WAR.

ACROSS REALTIME (Science Fiction Book Club hardcover) 1986

Note: omnibus containing THE PEACE WAR and MAROONED IN REALTIME.

US reprint: Baen pb 1991 (which adds a related novella, The Ungoverned).

UK reprint: Millennium pb (1994) and trade pb (1993).

TATJA GRIMMS WORLD (Baen paperback) 1987

Note: revised GRIMMS WORLD, with addition of a later story, The Barbarian Princess, as a prequel.


Note: collection of five stories, including the previously-published-separately TRUE NAMES.


Note: collection of seven stories, including The Blabber, a novella-length sequel to A FIRE UPON THE DEEP.

A FIRE UPON THE DEEP (TOR hardcover) 1992

US reprint: TOR paperback 1993. UK reprints: Millennium hc and trade pb, both 1992.

Translations: Italian (1993) and German (1995).

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