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Membership Form

Minicon 32 is OVER. It is no longer possible to buy memberships.

You cannot buy your membership online; we aren't equipped to take payment over the net. However, by filling out and printing this form and mailing it in with your payment, you can be sure you have sent us the information we require.

Netscape 2.02, at least, appears to have some problems with printing pages containing forms. This form, at least, prints satisfactorily from NCSA Mosaic.

If you want a hotel room, see the instructions for hotel room requests.

Please use one form for each registration.

Address 1:
Address 2:
State/Province: Postal Code: Country:
Home Phone: Work Phone:
Preferred contact method: US Mail Home Phone Work Phone Email
Badge Name: (30 character max)
Attending Drinking Attending Non-Drinking Child Supporting/Drinking Supporting/Non-Drinking
MembershipUntil 10/31/96Until 2/14/97
$25/$CAN 39 $30/$CAN 47
$25/$CAN 39 $30/$CAN 47
$12/$CAN 19 $12/$CAN 19
$12/$CAN 19 $12/$CAN 19
$12/$CAN 19 $12/$CAN 19

(A supporting membership may be converted at the door to an attending membership for $20/$CAN 31).

Memberships will cost $60 at the door.

Minicon should know that:
I plan to put children in childcare
This is my first Minicon
I have moved since last Minicon (please put old address in remarks)
I would like volunteering information
I am interested in programming participation
Other (please comment in remarks box)

I am an SF/Fantasy:

Additional info or remarks:

You cannot buy your membership online. Print this form, and mail check and form to:
Minicon 32
PO Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Make checks payable to Minicon 32. There is a $20 fee for returned checks.

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