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Minicon 33 Hotel Information

Minicon is again using the Radisson Hotel South, the Hotel Sofitel, and the Holiday Inn Airport #2. Most events will be in the Radisson, a few in the Sofitel, and none are currently planned for the Holiday Inn.

The Minicon hotel department is again allocating all sleeping and hospitality rooms in our hotels. A sleeping room request form was included in PR0. Forms postmarked by 31-Oct-97 (and received not too long thereafter) will receive equal consideration; forms postmarked later will be considered afterwards. Minicon and the Radisson South, Sofitel, and Holiday Inn reserve the right to make last-minute changes.

People wishing to reserve a suite, cabana, or other hospitality room should submit the special suite request form. This form will appear in PR1, which we currently hope will reach you during October. Consider the possibility that you will not receive the suite you want; if, in that case, you want a normal sleeping room, you need to submit both forms.

Minicon Hotel department will be sending cards confirming that they have received your request; they began sending them in November. Remember, these cards confirm receipt of your request, they do not indicate that a room has been allocated.

No one person may reserve more than two sleeping rooms in Minicon hotels.

There are more people wanting rooms in the Radisson than there are rooms in the Radisson; thus despite our best efforts we will be unable to satisfy all requests. If you request Sofitel or Holiday Inn as your first choice, you should get it, so don't worry.

Room Confirmations
Hi there. This is Shannon. Yes they are trickling out. The Radisson is sending them out albeit slowly. You should get one soon (by soon we mean in the next week or so).

The Sofitel is doing their room confirmations in one batch. They are entering them in one batch and sending them in one batch. They say they should be going out in about 2 weeks. That would mean dropping them in the mail in two weeks.

The Holiday Inn will be doing theirs as they get them entered into their computer. They are currently in possession of their stack and have been for a few days therefore they will probably start trickling out to people soon.

Anyone who doesn't get one soon should feel free to E-mail Ishmael( or myself( the Minicon hotel address. Either Ishmael or Myself will get back to you sooner. Being that someone checks the hotel address then passes it on to us. Also feel free to try calling me at 612 341 4036. I'm not often home but you never know. Thank you for your patience.

    Shannon Leslie Co-Head Minicon 33 Hotel Dept.

Hotel Rates

1-2 People 3-4 People
Radisson $63 * $63 *
* Plaza (north) tower $4 extra
Sofitel $75 $85
Holiday Inn $62 $62


Pets are not allowed at Minicon during Minicon 33, unless they are "working" animals (as in seeing-eye dogs or hearing helper animals). This word comes directly from the Radisson. We're still checking with the sofitel, holiday inn and wyndham gardens.

Reaching the Hotel

The main Minicon hotel is the Radisson Hotel S & Plaza Tower at 7800 Normandale Blvd, Bloomington, MN 55439-3159. Their phone is (612) 835-7800.

Here's a map to the hotel.

Reaching the Hotel Department

Please direct all inquiries to the hotel department through the Minicon addresses, or directly via email at

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