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Minicon 33 Registration Information

The pre-registration deadline has passed; registrations are now available only at the at-the-door rate, which is $70 for adults. Until the last few weeks before the con, it can still be worthwhile to mail in your pre-registration; that way your badge is nicely produced in advance, and the pay-at-the-door line moves slower than the already-paid lines.

We have an online copy of the registration form that you can fill out, print, and mail to us. We do not accept registrations online, and we do not accept credit cards for payment of registrations. (The registration form has references to many rates that are no longer applicable; adult memberships now cost $70.)

In accordance with a long-standing Minicon policy and joke, the ticket price is $500. This is a bargain: it hasn't risen in a decade.

All payments must be in US funds. There is a $20 charge for bounced checks.

Registration may be reached directly via email at

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