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Running Minicon 33

A lot of work goes into making Minicon happen, and it's essentially all done by volunteers. The executive committee buys memberships to attend. The department heads buy memberships to attend. And we spend from dozens to many hundreds of hours in the 18 months before the convention working to make it happen. Then, at Minicon, hundreds more (we documented over 500 people volunteering formally at Minicon 32, and many people do important work that isn't formally logged) people show up from around the city, the state, the midwest, and in fact throughout the US and Canada, and volunteer their time to put in the thousands of hours (the volunteers department logged over 6000 hours of work, teamsters more than 2000, and again a lot of work is not logged at all) more work needed at the convention to make it all happen.

Upcoming Events

None. Minicon 33 is over, over over!

Minicon 32 Postmortem

Postmortem analysis on Minicon 32.

The Proposal

The proposal for Minicon 33. This is what Martin, Victor, and Erik submitted when they volunteered to run Minicon 33.

Department Structure

The department structure and department heads.

Department Documentation

Concom Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the Minicon 33 Convention Committee meetings.

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