Spotlight on our Bookseller Guest of Honor
By Tom Whitmore

Dave Nee knows the good stuff.

If you're interested in science fiction or fantasy, Dave has one of the best minds anywhere for pulling out a story you'll like, if you let him know what you've already liked. And if you've forgotten the author or title of a story or book, chances are he can tell you both from a description of the plot (and sometimes from a description of the cover!). His personal favorites include Joanna Russ, Kim Stanley Robinson, Iain Banks, and J.R.R. Tolkien, among others; but he can recommend Piers Anthony if that's what's going to curl your toes.

If you're interested in music, Dave is a good source of new sounds: he knows more about classical music than most people, can discourse about when Grace Slick was at her best, and often goes to Pete Seeger concerts. He's got a huge collection of CDs and LPs, from the Oyster Band through Kate Bush to Sir Thomas Beecham.

If you're interested in the organization of large events, ask him about the political problems of running Safety for the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Freedom Day Parade and Celebration, which he's done for the last ten years. He claims he's about to retire, so he may tell you stories that will make convention running sound trivial.

Or you can ask him about The Other Change of Hobbit, one of the older sf specialty stores, still ticking along. After all, he is the Bookseller Guest of Honor. He manages the store and the website, and does more work than three other people could.

Dave Nee knows the good stuff, and he's willing to share.