Directions to Minicon
By Doug Wickstrom

Traveling to Minicon by car:
From the south, follow I-35W into Minneapolis. Once past MN-62, move to the second lane from the left, and follow the signs for MN-65. Exit on 11th St., follow 11th to Marquette Ave., and turn right on Marquette. The Hilton is on Marquette, on your immediate right, between 10th and 11th Sts.

From the east, follow I-94 to Minneapolis, exit on 11th St., and proceed as above.

From the north, follow I-35W into Minneapolis, and follow I-94 westbound. Exit on 11th St.

From the west, you have several choices. If you follow I-94 to downtown Minneapolis, exit at Hennepin and Lyndale, and turn left onto Hennepin at the first light. (Yes, we know the sign at Hennepin says "Dunwoody Blvd".) Turn right on 12th St., then left on Marquette Ave. Or you can take I-494 south from I-94 to I-394, and follow I-394 east to Minneapolis. After MN-100, stay in the second lane from the left, exit onto 12th St., follow 12th St. to Marquette, and turn left onto Marquette.

To Minicon by rail:
From the Midway Amtrak depot,
either take a cab to the Downtown Minneapolis Hilton, or take a westbound #16 MCTO bus to Minneapolis. Transfer at Marquette Ave. to any bus headed southwest on Marquette (against the normal flow of car traffic) and get off at 10th St. The Hilton is on the other side of the street, between 10th and 11th Sts. Please note that as of this writing, rail service is every other day in each direction (east from Seattle, west from Chicago).

To Minicon by air, excepting airships:
From Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, take a cab to the Downtown Minneapolis Hilton, an Airport Limousine (actually a van), or a northbound #7 MCTO bus downtown and transfer at Marquette as above. (For airship travel, see our PR #2.)

Time travellers, dimension hoppers, Burroughs buggy travelers, and Tardis users, set your coordinates to: a=450000, b=790113, q=007915, e=632244, z=JONES, f=WEBBER. Convert units as necessary for your particular technology. Timeline recognition factor = Neil Armstrong II. Tardis users, please remember to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow. Hitchhikers, please consult your guide. If coming by starship, or using pixie dust, the directions are "Second star to the right, and straight on till morning," also known as "thataway."