Minicon 36
will be held on April 13-15, 2001
at the Hilton Minneapolis & Towers
in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Writer Guest of Honour: Ken MacLeod
Fan Guest of Honour: Jo Walton
Musician Guest of Honor: Leslie Fish
+ More about our fabulous guests

The Minicon 36 Flyer, as PDF.
The Minicon 36 Progress Report, as PDF.

Yuri's Night - The World Space Party - 12 April 2001

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Minicon 36 Hospitality Schedule of Events

Thursday,5pm until we're done
Set-up and Decorating Party, including the construction of the Rocket Garden. Foyer, Duluth Room, Salon G. What Rocket Garden, you ask? Minicon 36 is building a Rocket Garden in honor of Yuri's Night, the worldwide space party celebrating the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's and the 20th anniversary of the first shuttle launch on Thursday, April 12th. Build your favorite rocket out of milk cartons, K'NEX, Mylar balloons, and the other materials we'll have on hand. If you have a spare rocket, rocket parts, or other building materials that you'd like to bring, please contact
Friday, 6:30pm until Opening Ceremonies
Slugger's Cocktail Party, with bartender Jack Targonski, blogmaster Peter Hentges, and a special appearance by the Minicon Grenadine. Duluth Room, Salon G.
Friday, 10pm-midnight
Six Degrees of Fandom Handshaking Party. You've hugged your fellow fen. You've shared elevators and even hotel rooms with them. But have you shaken their hands? Come to this party and formalize your links to the rest of fandomÉand to the rest of the world. Duluth Room, Salon G.
Saturday, 8pm-the wee hours
When Weirds Collide. Mardi Gras meets the Minnesota State Fair at Minicon. Pickle hats, masks-on-a-stick, butter sculpting, beads, floats that float, sparkly pig ears, DavE Romm's zydeco kazoo band, numbered ducks, and a Richard Tatge lightshow. Dean Gahlon will mix drinks you'll wish you'd never heard of but may enjoy anyway. Peeps-on-a-stick and perhaps even Peeps jousting (in Somebody Else's Microwave, of course). Prize ribbons for weird-colliding costumes, winning horticulture, crafts, and fine art exhibits, and for other participatory events. (Set-up help needed from 4pm on. Thanks!) Duluth Room, Salon G, Foyer.

When Weirds Collide a.k.a. Mardi Gras Meets the Minnesota State Fair at Minicon [image]