Children's Programming


Sign up Friday and Saturday to play Mystery of the Missing Treasure game, Sunday at 12:30pm - 2pm.

Building a Ship
3 - 5pm

Discuss with kids what areas a ship consists of. Construct a cardboard ship, build and raise a sail, complete with a dreaded plank! All with the help of creative adults, volunteers and kids. After construction is complete we will decorate our ship and name her.

The Pirates on Board
5:30 - 6:30pm

Children will discuss the different roles of the pirates on board. Kids will then draw titles and take turns playing those roles. Afterwards, we will come back together and discuss what it is like to be in charge of different areas.

Treasure Chest
7 - 8pm

Decorate your own treasure chest. You can bring one with you that you wish to decorate or use one that we provide.

8:15 - 10pm


Pirate Flags
10am - 11am

Come paint your own pirate flag and find out what these flags represented.

Pirate Attire
12pm - 1:30pm

Come and stitch your own pirate vest, make newspaper pirate hats, cool eye patches and flashy jewels you have found at sea.

Preventative Medicine
1:30 - 2:pm

Join us for a taste test of different citrus fruits pirates used to prevent diseases.

Treasure Map
3 - 4pm

Discuss where and how pirates found their treasures. Then create and design your very own map to your secret jewels and gold.

Free Play on the Ship
4 - 5pm

Come and play on the ship!

Pause for Station Identification
5:30 - 7pm

Children's Programming and Childcare closed for dinner.

Create a Cannon
7 - 8pm

Create a cannon, discuss how they work and have some target practice. Kids don't do this at home, unless of course the parental unit is endorsing it!

8:15 - 10pm


Treasure Hunt
10:30am - till all treasure claimed

Search for rare and exotic turtle eggs on a deserted tropical island.

11:30am - 12:30pm

Design your own periscope to help you in your search for lost treasure.

Solve the Mystery of the Missing Treasure
12:30pm - 2pm

Sign up Friday and Saturday for this one. We need at least 8 kids to play. Kids will be divided into two warring pirate groups. Both teams will be given a map with clues to help them uncover the missing treasure. Losers will walk the plank! Kids this will be competitive, you must be a good sport.

2 - 3pm

Help be part of a torrential storm that destroys and sinks your ship to the bottom of the ocean.