Budget - Concom received a copy of the preliminary line item budget, discussed briefly what cost might change like if we send out confirmation cards, the possibility of emailing them to all who have email to defer cost. Did not make a decision but will need to soon. ? for treasurer is how many was budget based on.
Hotel - Discussed scheduled walk through to make space allocations for programming and parties as well as hucksters and artshow. Discussed wanting to schedule another pool party before Minicon around first of March but unsure where. Would ideally like to have at a potential hotel for next year. Which both the Board and Committee are looking into.
Publications - Need final information from each department for program book by Feb. 15th. Needs info from Programming, panel tittles, times, locations, list of panelist and short and long descriptions. Needs hours of operations for hucksters and artshow and lists of participants if possible.
Registration - Last cutoff is Feb. 14th for $45 rate. Need to check with Fred to see if we can determine from database how many members have email.
Parties - Need to reserve the refrigerator truck and begin to determine what and when supplies need to be ordered.
Programming - Need to finalize and notify guests and program participants ASAP.
Artshow - How much equipment do we need to move from hotel, and how many peg boards do we need for the fan gallery? Discussed but unsure need to check with past department heads to get better idea of whether we need to bring all supplies that are in storage.
Hucksters - 25 tables have been sold, expect to sell ten or fifteen more. This years hucksters room will be mostly book dealers. Need to get list of dealers to pubs.
Badges - Discussed using different material, Andrew is having some demos made to see what they would look like.
Operations - Needs to reserve moving truck. (Which has since been done.) Needs to think about security, having badgers at consuites where we are serving alcohol and the artshow. Also needs to think about what kind of signage we need. Larry suggests using Styrofoam boards to post signs on easels.
Volunteers - Laura Jean is currently sifting through the list of volunteers and will be sending info out to the committee in the next couple of weeks. Departments need to think about how many volunteers they need , where and when.
Childcare and Children's Programming - Info already to go. Laura Jean just needs to type up schedule to turn into pubs and purchase supplies. Staff have been hired.
David Schroth announces he now has a Sam's Club membership if we need it to purchase things for the con.
Next meeting has been moved to Scott Raun's because Laura Jean will be in Chicago at Capricon hosting a room party with Larry Sanderson and Geri Sullivan. Scott Raun is at 3928 11th Ave S, 612-822-0451. He has three small dogs, no smoking.