Minicon Meeting Minutes February 24th 2002.
We discussed space allocations. Decided to move all consuite space to E, F, & G. The bridge will be in the consuite. The Art Show will go in the Duluth Room. The Hucksters will be back in the main Ballroom. We discussed the possiblity of putting World con bid tables in the back part of the room and possibly having the Fan Gallery in there. Programming will have rooms A, B, & C plus several smaller spaces already discussed.. Scott our hotel liaison will talk with the hotel about the cost of pipe and drape to cover the possible dead space in the ballroom. He will also be confirming what space we can badge. 
Larry brought up the need to have appropriate signage. Michael Burgess will do all signage just let him know what you need. You can contact him by emailing parties as listed on the webpage.
Due to the unavailability of the Art Show head early on Thursday we need to arrange to have someone experienced with Art Show set up at the hotel Thursday.
Co Chair Laura Jean will be following up with Chaz about the size of the Fan Gallery in order to estimate how many Art Show panels will be needed to set it up.
Parties will be having a meeting at the home of Michael Burgess Sunday the third of March to discuss room parties, hosting parties and hospitality space at the con. For more info please email Parties.
Larry will get us inventory information that was gathered from Minicon 35 so that department heads have a better idea of what is in storage.
Our current registration is 521.
Final plans are being arranged for our guests of honor by hotel liaiosn Scott and guest liaisons.
Programming appears to be under way. Publications will need by day highlights info very soon. We need to confirm with Michael what has been arranged.
Bill Christ has agreed to help with contacting volunteers and making arrangements with departments.