Minicon 37 Work Party Minutes 03/24/02

The work party took place Wednesday evening at Toad Hall.

Erik Baker wants to know worries of this week. No major worry's reported.

Mike Von Maltzan still needs to run to Sam's Club but everything else has been ordered and is ready to go.

Scott Raun announces "We can check into hotel space at 5pm on Thursday." Some want to know if there are any spaces we can move into earlier.

What time do we have to be out of hotel space after the convention? Scott Raun: "Technically on Monday but they usually ask for the ballroom back by 5pm Sunday. This is not a problem."

Magenta suggests a volunteer reminder be sent out.

Announcement: Shockwave with Dave Romm will feature Will Shetterly and Emma Bull.

The work party was well attended and all work was finished within several hours.

Registration forms were placed in envelopes with member's badges. Program books were collated and stapled.