FRI Salon C Board Room 1 Board Room 2 Board Room 3 Director's Row 2 Misc.
6:00pm Opening Ceremonies: Erik's Opening bit, introduce GoH's, make nod to Programming participants          
7:30pm   Creating Your Own Religon for Fun and Prophet: Arthur Hlavaty, Lyda Morehouse, Katya Reimann, Richard Tatge Year in Movies Review: Joe Agee, Andrew Bertke, Mike Lee Being Named After Fictional Characters by Psycho-fen Parents: Aliera Brust, Corwin Brust (m), Amber Tatge, Thorin Tatge Scribblies Reunion: Steven Brust (m), Nate Bucklin, Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, Will Shetterly  
9:00pm   The Rift in Mpls Fandom... Where do we go from here? Joe Agee, Erik Baker, Karen Cooper, Lynn Litterer, Michael von Maltzan Buffy, Back from the dead...Again!: Aliera Brust, David Engels, Lyda Morehouse Roundtable: Steven Brust, Rick Berry Reading: John M. Ford  
10:30pm   Discordian Panel: Bernadette Bosky, Arthur Hlavaty, Magenta, Kevin J. Maroney. Trivia Bowl: Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson   Jumping the Shark: DavE Romm, Larry Sanderson, David Schroth  
SAT Salon C Board Room 1 Board Room 2 Board Room 3 Director's Row 2 Misc.
10am Nanotech Presentation: Steve Vetter Comedy Writing workshop David Walbridge So What Do I Read Now? Eric Heideman, Russell Letson   The Year in Children's and Young Adult Fantasy: Peg Kerr, Laura Krentz, David Lenander  
11:30am Nanotech Panel: Howard Davidson, Jordin Kare, Dave Keenan, Hank Lederer, Steve Vetter Fan Fiction and Fiction Online: Carole Ashmore (m), Linda Hopkins, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lyda Morehouse Elves on Motorcycles: Emma Bull, John M. Ford (m), Will Shetterly Roundtable: Erik Baker, Laura J. Fish Reading: Jo Walton  
1pm Rick Berry Slide Show Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: Carole Ashmore, Ctein, Beth Hansen, Linda Hopkins Music and Fiction: Lenny Bailes, Steven Brust, Emma Bull, Lorraine Garland, Peg Kerr Roundtable: Will Shetterly Reading: Lois McMaster Bujold D&D for Girls and Boys (outside childrens programming)
2:30pm Doesn't My DNA Belong to Me?Linda Hopkins, Lynn Litterer, Vicki Rosenzweig The Trickster Archetype in Fiction: Eleanor Arnason, Bernadette Bosky, Arthur Hlavaty, Sharon Kahn Real People in Fiction: John M. Ford, Peg Kerr, Joel Rosenberg, Jo Walton Roundtable: Katya Reimann Reading: Laurel Winter Remembrance of Scott Imes (Consuite)
4pm Artificial Intelligence Presentation: Earl Joseph, Doug Perrin Interview with Rick Berry Crossing the Genre Line: Steven Brust, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lyda Morehouse, Joel Rosenberg Roundtable: Emma Bull Reading: Will Shetterly  
5:30pm Artificial Intelligence Panel: Lenny Bailes (m), Earl Joseph, Hank Lederer, Doug Perrin Alternative Relationships in Fandom: Bernadette Bosky, Arthur Hlavaty, Kevin J. Maroney, Elise Mattheson Planning and Writing a Series: Steven Brust, Katya Reimann, Joel Rosenberg, Will Shetterly Roundtable: Laurel Winter Reading: Emma Bull Wine Tasting (Consuite)
7pm MEMS to Nanotech: Tomorrow's Not as Far Away as You Think: Dave Keenan Interview with Arthur Hlavaty: Arthur Hlavaty, Jo Walton After 9/11 - What Does the Future Look Like Now? Corwin Brust, Lyda Morehouse, Will Shetterly, Michael von Maltzan Roundtable: Lois McMaster Bujold Reading: Katya Reimann Call of Cthulhu for Teens (outside of childcare)
8:30pm Planetarium Slideshow: Bill Higgins Enterprise... Then and Now: Joe Agee, Andrew Bertke Fantasy Fabrics: Ruth Berman, Laura Krentz   Reading: Lyda Morehouse Masquerade Ball! With Special Performers The Flash Girls and Guests (Salons A & B)
10pm Ask Dr. Mike: John M. Ford   Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society: Ruth Berman, Laura Krentz   '*' Panel: Kevin J. Maroney, Jo Walton  
SUN Salon C Board Room 1 Board Room 2 Board Room 3 Director's Row 2 Misc.
10am Cryotech Panel: Marti Bancroft (m), Earl Joseph, Hank Lederer Living Ships, Science Fiction or Fantasy: Carole Ashmore, Lenny Bailes (m) Lies Your English Teacher Told You: Bernadette Bosky Roundtable: Joel Rosenberg    
11:30am Privacy, Big Brother, and You: Carole Ashmore, Ken Hardwick, DavE Romm (m), Bruce Schneier When Did we Become Mainstream? Joe Agee, Bernadette Bosky, Arthur Hlavaty, Harry Leblanc, Polly Peterson Making Magic Believable: Steve Brust, Emma Bull, Katya Reimann, Will Shetterly Fifty Ways to Leave Your Planet: Jordin Kare Reading: Joel Rosenberg  
1pm Genetic Engineering... Hype vs. Hope: Earl Joseph, Becca Levin, Lynn Litterer, Vicki Rosenzweig The World of Joss Whedon: Joe Agee, Andrew Bertke, David Engles Hometown Fantasy: Eleanor Arnason, Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, Will Shetterly   Reading: Peg Kerr  
2:30pm Lady Poetesses from Hell - Terry Garey, Rebecca Marjesdotter, John Rezmerski, Laurel Winter The Future is Now: Carole Ashmore, Bill Higgins, Sharon Kahn, Jordin Kare, Denny Lien Roundtable: Laura J. Fish, Larry Sanderson Roundtable: Breaking into the Biz... Beginning Writers Workshop: Peg Kerr, Lyda Morehouse Reading: Steven Brust  
4pm Closing Ceremonies         High Tea (Consuite)

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