Friday, April 18, 2003
  Avenue 2 Avenue 3 Avenue 4 Loring Ballroom Other Autographings (Foyer)
1 pm Why Do Panels About Heinlein Always Go Pear-Shaped?
David Dyer-Bennet, Karen Cooper [m], Jim Young
Writer's Library
Mary Kay Kare [m], Ruth Berman, Charles Marx
2 pm Year in Science
Howard Davidson, Jon Singer [m?], Robert Sawyer, Susan Smith, George Flentke
Female Warriors
Jo Walton, Jan Bogstad, Katya Reimann?
3 pm Online Communities
David Dyer-Bennet, Laurel Krahn [m?], Karen Cooper, Andrew Bertke
Gardens in Speculative Fiction, Actual and Symbolic
Ruth Berman, Jon Singer [m], Elise Matthesen, Caroline Stevermer, Patricia C. Wrede
4 pm Intellectual Property, DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, and 4th Street USA
Laura Majerus, Robert Sawyer, Bruce Schneier
Filk Around the World
Steve Macdonald [m]
5 pm            
6 pm            
7pm       Opening Ceremonies
Laura Jean Fish, Larry Sanderson, David Levine
8 pm       Ask Dr. Mike
John M. Ford [m] (90 min)
9 pm          
10 pm Australia in 2010: Why Fans Shouldn't Drink Late at Night
Seth Breidbart [m], Mike Pins [m], Geri Sullivan, Jim Young [m], Erik Olson
Superhero Movies: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Jim Frenkel, Lenny Bailes, Larry Sanderson, Joe Agee
Saturday, April 19, 2003
  Avenue 2 Avenue 3 Avenue 4 Loring Ballroom Other Autographings (Foyer)
10 am Generations the Book, and Other Cyclical Theories of History
Sharon Kahn, Eric Forste [m], Jo Walton
Upcoming Conventions, Local and Not Too Far Away
Eric M. Heideman, Mike Pins [m], Jeremy Stomberg, Joe Agee, Kevin G. Austin
Joel Rosenberg reads (out loud)
11am Metaphors in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Charles Marx, Laurel Krahn, Beth Friedman, Michael Lee
When Does Fandom Become a Toxic Lifestyle?
David Cargo [m], Kelley Higgins, Hope Leibowitz, Barb Jensen, Lisa Freitag
Katya Reimann reads (out loud)
Noon Privacy vs. Post-Privacy
Robert Sawyer, Bruce Schneier
Literary Criticism: What Good Is It?
Pamela Dean, Jan Bogstad [m], Phil Kaveny, Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Music Workshop
Steve Macdonald [m] (2 hrs)
1 pm Open Poetry
Hosted by Laurel Winter and Terry Garey
Sue Mason Interview
Sue Mason, Alison Scott [m]
    Jim Young Katya Reimann
2 pm To Saturn via Jupiter: NASA's Cassini Mission
Bill Higgins [m] (need projector and screen)
Rob Sawyer Interview
David Levine reads (out loud)
    Joel Rosenberg John M. Ford
3 pm History of Fandom Slide Show
Art Widner [m] (projector and screen)
Working-Class Heroes in SF and Fantasy
Emmet O'Brien, Katya Reimann [m], Joel Rosenberg, Tracey Callison
John M. Ford reads (out loud)
Junkbox Wars
4 pm Troubleshooter Game Show
Seth Breidbart [m], David Dyer-Bennet, Sharon Sbarsky
Artists' Jam
Need participants, or it won't happen
Lord of the Rings as Tragedy
Pamela Dean, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Jo Walton, Mary Kay Kare
Art Show Tour
Sue Mason (at Art Show)
5 pm Lancelot -- the First Mary Sue Story?
Jo Walton, Patricia C. Wrede, Sue Mason
TiVos, PVRs, DVD recorders
Dean Gahlon, Michael Lee, Laurel Krahn [m], Andrew Bertke, Beth Friedman
Jim Young reads (out loud)
6 pm            
7 pm            
8 pm Religion in Speculative Fiction
Robert Sawyer, Joel Rosenberg, C.J. Mills?, Tracey Callison
Second-Generation Fandom
Sasha Walton, Erik Baker, Thorin Tatge, Karen Cooper [m]
9 pm More Science Programming
Howard Davidson, Jon Singer, Gordon Garb?, Jordin Kare, Susan Smith
Connections Between Fandom and Counterculture in the 1960s: How Our History Affects Modern Fandom
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Neil Rest, Richard Tatge, Lydia Nickerson
  Art Auction
10 pm Vegetology
Elise Matthesen, Geri Sullivan, Sharon Kahn
Fannish Hoaxes and Legends
Seth Breidbart [m], Laurel Winter, Neil Rest, Richard Tatge
Sunday, April 20, 2003
  Avenue 2 Avenue 3 Avenue 4 Loring Ballroom Other Autographings (Foyer)
10 am Landscape of SF Fandom
Kevin G. Austin [m]
Magical Realism vs. Fantasy
Jo Walton, Phil Kaveny [m], Peg Kerr, Sarah Monette
Laurel Winter reads (out loud)
11 am Columbia
Howard Davidson, Jordin Kare [m?], Bill Higgins [m?] (OH projector?)
Learning How to Write
David D. Levine [m], Robert Sawyer, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Patricia C. Wrede, Peg Kerr
Jim Frenkel reads (out loud)
Noon Attractions of Toronto
Robert Sawyer (maybe), Carolyn Clink, Colin Hinz, Hope Leibowitz
Steve Macdonald Interview
Steve Macdonald, Dave Romm
Jo Walton reads (out loud)
1 pm "Rocket Talk" with Fizz and Fuse, the Reactor Brothers
Jordin Kare, Bill Higgins
Documenting Ourselves
David Dyer-Bennet, Andrew Bertke, Elise Matthesen
Leah Cutter reads (out loud)
2 pm Minicon 38 Gripe Session
Larry Sanderson [m]
Fantasy and SF: the Instantiation of Metaphor
Lydia Nickerson [m], Jo Walton
Pamela Dean reads (out loud)
3 pm Asterisk Panel
John M. Ford, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Elise Matthesen, Jo Walton [m], Kathy Routliffe, Jordin Kare
What Do I Read Next?
Eric M. Heideman [m], Michael Levy, Russell Letson
Not Just for Kids
Mary Kay Kare, Sasha Walton, Laura Krentz, Tracey Callison
4 pm       Closing Ceremonies