by Bill Christ volunteers@minicon.mnstf.org

When Larry asked me if I would be willing to become Volunteer Coordinator for Minicon 38 I just nodded my head like a bobblehead doll. I didn't realize I'd have to do any writing, need to convince you to become a Minicon volunteer. I thought you'd all come running, that you couldn't wait to volunteer. We'd have so many volunteers we'd have to turn them away at the door. Trantor wouldn't have anything on us. (Looks around at the empty horizon, hearing the moaning of the wind as a tumbleweed blows by). Yep, a bobblehead.

Minicon is a fan-organized, fan-run convention. Without fan participation, it just won't happen. The registration form has a list of departments that need your help. Would you like to get involved with running the convention? The Minicon 38 Web site has a list of open meetings and work parties that you can attend. Volunteering is fun. You get to interact with your fellow fans and participate in setting the direction of your convention. So would you like to volunteer? Just nod your head. It's easy.

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