Minicon Policies

The basics of Minicon's convention policies. Please take a moment to read them.

Reality Policy

Minicon complies with all federal, state, and local laws. Minicon encourages our members to do the same.

Badge Policy

Minicon uses badges to identify our members. Without your badge, you may be denied the benefits of membership; please keep it with you at all times while at Minicon.

If you find a lost badge, please bring it to the Bridge (in the Horizons room, southern end).

If you lose your badge, please come to the Bridge. If we have your badge, we'll return it to you once we've verified that it's yours. If we don't have it, we'll send you to Registration (outside of the Forum Ballroom on the first floor) to get a replacement badge.

Weapons Policy

Use common sense.

Actual firearms, class 3 or 4 lasers, and projectile throwing toys are not permitted at Minicon.

For everything else, have a sheath, sling, or other container for it, and keep it secured when you're in a public place.

The above notwithstanding, Minicon reserves the right to prohibit any prop or weapon at the sole discretion of Minicon.

You kill it, you eat it.

Signage Policy

Signs may be posted on the signboards and inside the meeting rooms. Please do not attach any signs to hotel walls, doors, windows, elevators, etc.

Please post only one sign per board per event.

Signboards will be strategically placed throughout the convention spaces. We don't know where at the time of printing, but they will be conspicuous.

Smoking Policy

In accordance with the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas.

Elevators, stairwells, and hallways, including those on floors with smoking sleeping rooms, are non-smoking.

The Minicon smoking consuite is on the top floor in Satellite 6. You can also smoke in the hotel bar and in your room if it is a smoking room.

Big Stick Policy

Minicon reserves the right to revoke any membership as we deem necessary, most likely in cases of extreme misbehavior.