Minicon 39 - Art Show

April 9 - 11, 2004

Yes, there will be an Art Show at Minicon 39. We hope to have the works of many artists on display! Interested in displaying your art at the Minicon 39 Art Show? If you haven't heard from us, or fear you aren't on our artists mailing list, you can contact our Art Show head Peer Dudda at, or by sending snail–mail to the Minicon postal address (Attn: Art Show).

Peer has already identified the following needs:

If you want to help out in any or all of these areas, again, contact him either via email or postal mail (that is, U.S. Post, not mail gone postal). Here's to a splendiferous Minicon 39 Art Show!

Now available on-line: artwork entry information, the display art control sheet, the print shop control sheet and an informational letter for artists interested in the Minicon 39 art show.

Stop by later for more information or email

Minicon is sponsored by The Minnesota Science Fiction Society.