Minicon Fortean
will be held on March 25-27, 2005
at the Sheraton Minneapolis;
in Bloomington, Minnesota

Writer Guest of Honour: Terry Pratchett
Fan Guest of Honour: James Young
Artist Guests of Honor: Fastner and Larson

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Minicon Fortean
P.O. Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Minicon Fortean March 25 - 27, 2005

Guest information

Terry Pratchett

Terry is the author of the phenomenally popular series of Discworld novels. He began his writing career at an early age with The Carpet People and continues to craft wonderful novels, mostly in his own universe, Discworld. While primarily considered an author of "humorous fantasy, Terry's works, while certainly very funny, contain a wisdom far beyond most "serious" fantasy novels. He has written for children as well as for adults and I think you would have to have no humor in you whatsoever if you don't laugh out loud at least once every novel. And "crivens' is not a swear word.

Fastner and Larson

Steve Fastner and Rich Larson* have been working together as commercial artists for over 25 years. They have worked on comic books, book covers and advertising art. Their art is generally very colorful and energetic. They do many pin-up pieces and have published a number of collections from SQ Publications.

James Young

Jim is one of the Founding Fathers of The Minnesota Scientifiction Society (MN-Stf) and the original spearhead for the Minneapolis in in '73 Worldcon bid. He had chaired Minicon, worked on several Worldcons, been a fan writer and artist for nearly 40 years and still looks like he just graduated from high school. He is retired from the State Department's Foreign Service where he served in such places as Botswana, Russia, Nigeria, and England. He has written two SF novels, The Face of the Deep (Pocket 1979) and Armed Memory (Tor 1995). More recently he has acted in Hollywood films and is writing more novels and short stories.

Other attending professionals
Naomi Kritzer
Hillary Moon Murphy
Katya Reimann
Caroline Stevermer
R. M. Meluch
John M. Ford
Monica Ferris
Pam Dean
Pat Wrede
Jane Yolen

* There. I've finally spelled Rich's name correctly. I've known him for more than 25 years and I still can't get his name right. My apologies to Rich. (GregKetter)

artwork by Fastner and Larson Updated by Joyce Scrivner March 22, 2005