Who's running this crazy thing?

Minicon 48 is chaired by Joel Phillips and vice chaired by Matt Strait. You can contact them by e-mailing chair@ (all e-mail addresses here end in "@minicon48.mnstf.org"). For general inquiries, e-mail info@

  • Matt Weiser is hotel liaison. For hotel inquiries, e-mail hotel@
  • Matt Weiser coordinates room parties. E-mail parties@
  • Keith Malgren will produce the program book; e-mail programbook@ if you would like to place an ad in the book or have a related question
  • Joe Pregracke is webmaster. E-mail webmaster@
  • Clay Harris is running pre-registration. For any sort of registration/membership question, e-mail registration@
  • The programming department is Kelly Strait (head), Sharon Kahn (subhead of database and more), Betsy Lundsten, Eric Heideman (Krushenko's), Dean Gahlon (database), Emily Stewart (specific tasks of defined length and girth; consulting), Lisa Sanders (at-con), Rachel Kronick (panel suggester; some coordination), Greg Larsen. To suggest panel ideas, mail programming@
  • Carol Kennedy will head at-con registration.
  • Beth Phillips is treasurer.
  • Matt McMillan manages the gaming room.
  • Lisa Freitag runs the dealers' room.
  • Aaron Vander Giessen heads the bar.
  • Hershey Lima does the consuite.
  • Michael Kingsley will head the film room.
  • Rachel Kronick will produce the pocket program.
  • Delia Ihinger and Jory Phillips will organize Minicon: The Next Generation.
  • Bonnie Somdahl will do kids' programming.
  • Emily Stewart and Aaron Vander Giessen take meeting minutes.
  • Ben Huset manages the science room.
  • Bill Christ will make the badges and the registration forms handed out with them.
  • Pete Laughlin heads the art show. Alec Phillips and William Ketter will sub-head. E-mail artshow@
  • Thorin Tatge will produce the Bozo Bus Tribune (our at-con newsletter)
  • Thorin Tatge will mastermind the Medallion Hunt
  • Erica Stark will be costuming head
  • Matt Strait and Kelly Strait will put together the progress reports
  • Karen Cooper will host the Green Room
  • Eric Forste is Volunteers head.
  • Matt Strait manages the e-mail addresses for Minicon 48.
  • Matt Strait makes flyers and registration forms for using during the year and mails them to other conventions.
  • Dave Romm will preside over opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Chas Somdahl will be music head.
  • Anton Petersen is guest liaison.
  • Delia Ihinger works on social media.
  • Kelly Strait will reach out to college student groups.
  • Laramie Sasseville will coordinate ride-share/car-pooling.
  • David Dyer-Bennet will be doing electronic progress report distribution.

Social Media

There's a LiveJournal community for Minicon (comments and conversation before, during, and after the convention) at minicon.livejournal.com, and there is also a mnstf LJ community.

We have a Twitter account.

Snail mail

Minicon 48
PO Box 8297
Lake Street Station
Minneapolis, MN 55408-0297