Did you know that Minicon is an all-volunteer convention? We don't sell tickets, we offer memberships (priced to cover con expenses). As members of a community, we all pitch in and help out. It turns out that working volunteer shifts is also a great way to make new friends, connect with old ones, and generally have a great time at the convention.

There will be plenty of opportunity to volunteer at the con, but if you connect with a department before the con you can take on jobs that are more responsible and rewarding. And it really helps out the department heads when people sign up for shifts in advance.

We can use your help in pretty much every area of the con, but the following departments have a particular need for reliable shift volunteers, with as many shifts as possible filled in before the con: Move-in/Teardown, Consuite, Art Show, Film Room, Registration. And Volunteers, which is upping its game this year. We'll be trying something new, using the Discord service as a way to contact Gofers, Badgers, and other volunteers in real time. As Volunteer Coordinator, I would love to get a few volunteers who are familiar with Discord who can help people create logins at the con (if they so choose).

If you know what department you would like to work for, feel free to contact the department heads directly. But if you can't find department contact info or aren't sure where you want to volunteer, please email me at .