Minicon 55 - Vaccination and Masks Required

In order to protect all of our attendees, vaccination and masks are required.

Vaccination Policy

Minicon 55 attendees are required to be up to date on their covid vaccinations. This includes a booster shot for those who were eligible for one at the start of April. (Children 5-12 are not eligible for a booster, nor are people who completed their vaccination very recently. See the CDC site for more details.)

Proof of vaccination must be presented at the time of badge pick-up. Acceptable forms of proof include an original vaccination card, a “Docket” phone app, or a photo showing the front and back of your vaccination card.

Children under 5, though unable to be vaccinated, will not be barred from Minicon 55, since even in a normal year they tend to be less than 1% of attendees. However, parents should use their best judgment and carefully consider how to minimize their young childrens’ contact with fellow attendees, for the safety of all.

Mask Policy

Masks must be worn in all Convention spaces unless the area is specifically designated for eating/drinking. Masks may be removed by performers to sing or play wind instruments, by unanimous agreement of all on stage. Those in the audience will remain masked, and will be seated at least six feet from the stage. Transparent surgical masks will be available for panelists who need to be understood by those who use lip-reading.

Someone may need to briefly sip a drink, or there may be a disability that will need an accomodation. It is difficult to think of every possible corner case or situation that may require an exception or accomodation, though every effort will be made to be safe and reasonable. Listing all possible corner cases would be difficult, and might invite unwelcome rules lawyering that would help no one. The expectation was, is, and shall remain that we all treat one another respectfully and with consideration for the health of individuals and the health of our community. Please wear a mask. Please get up-to-date on your vaccines. We all want to have a safe and healthy Minicon 55 April 15-17 2022 at the St Louis Park Doubletree.