Minicon 57

March 29-31, Easter weekend, 2024

About Minicon

Minicon is a volunteer run, general science fiction convention held every year on Easter weekend in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minicon is run by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, or MNStF. Attendees of Minicon can expect to find a full slate of programming (panel discussions, readings, signings, etc.), costuming, films, gaming (open and organized), a teen lounge, an art show, dealers, a kids' room, a science room, filk and folk music, a consuite and bar, room parties, and various special events.

Minicon is always over Easter weekend. This year, rarely, Minicon does not overlap with Passover. Because of some disagreement in lunar calendars, Passover is a month later than Easter in 2024.

Guests of Honor

Author and Illustrator: Ursula Vernon

Photo of Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon began her SF/F career as a web comic writer, winning a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Novel in 2012. "Digger" is a wonderful story about a female wombat engineer who maintains her solid practicality in the face of magic, gods and demons. Since then, Ursula has written and illustrated a huge assortment of stories for children, from the early-reader series "Dragonbreath" to young adult novel "Castle Hangnail." She has also become an incredibly prolific writer for "older audiences," with about a dozen books written under the pen name T. Kingfisher. As Ursula Vernon or T. Kingfisher, she has won two more Hugos and a Nebula. Presumably both of them will be at the convention, since they seem to be a single person, with enough energy, sincerity, and silliness for two.

Archivist: Jeremy Brett

Photo of Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett is an Associate Librarian at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, where he is both Processing Archivist and the Curator of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Research Collection. (He also serves as Interim Curator of the Area Studies and the Women’s and Gender Studies Collections.) He has worked at the University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the National Archives and Records Administration-Pacific Region, and the Wisconsin Historical Society. He received his MLS and his MA in History from the University of Maryland-College Park in 1999. His professional interests include science fiction, fan studies, and the intersection of libraries and social justice.

Musician: Tim Griffin

Photo of Tim Grifin

Tim Griffin is a retired STEM teacher; an award-winning songwriter, performer, and storyteller; and the founding director of GriffinEd, a nonprofit team of educators and musicians creating and sharing brilliant (peer reviewed!) songs about science, math, history, and other great stuff that will no-kidding, we've-got-data, make you and your kids smarter. Tim has performed to great hilarity and edification for gatherings of the National Science Teachers' Association, NASA, AAAS, MENSA, dozens of sci-fi conventions, and a few hundred schools, libraries, and other places of learning. Come laugh and learn with songs about particle physics, marine biology, and that weird thing on your lunch tray.

Who else will be at Minicon?

You! we hope. Have you registered? Have your friends? Not sure? Check The List of Members.

Bunches of former Minicon guests of honor and other professionals will be in attendance. You can also find them on The List.

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