Cinema Obscura

  CINEMA OBSCURA is not for Everyone.  But it is for YOU.
            - The Curator

Why is some rather amazing cinema obscure? 

Perhaps it never got picked up by a distributor or its advertising was under-funded.  Maybe it only briefly hit an art house, college or film festival circuit.  Or it was ignored as a direct-to-video release, crowded out among too many others on streaming, never had time to find a wider audience or simply was forgotten over time.

The Science Fiction genre is littered with such cinematic casualties.

They weren't bad films.  They just never reached their potential audience.

Until now.

When it comes to these, we can honestly quote Roy Batty at the end of Blade Runner when he said,  "I've...seen people wouldn't believe!"

But at Cinema Obscura, YOU will have the opportunity to see those things, too (or again).

Just heed the relaxing tones of "The Control Voice" which introduced each episode of the original Outer Limits show:

"Sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to participate in a great adventure."


A Note To Parents About Ratings: CINEMA OBSCURA staff will not be policing for admission throughout the convention. Please review the ratings of the films scheduled and their appropriateness for your children. Thank You.