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Not Netscape Dependent

This doesn't mean that a page abjures all Netscape extensions. It means that the page is designed so that it is usable (you can get all the same information) by browsers other than Netscape. It need not look the same, or as nice.

Pages which avoid Netscape dependency are encouraged to display the logo above and link to this page.

Some of you may not have considered the consequences of spending hours making your pages testaments to graphic over-design, using all the K00Lest new (meaning no more than 1 week old) technologies. Consider:

Are the benefits you get equal to these costs? Usually, they aren't.

[sgml over html icon] David_Rust@rladvert.com (David Rust) provided an alternate icon suggestion (left), which is intended to have fewer negative connotations than what I hacked up. I'm interested in comments on how this captures the notion. He says the art work is by KPT Bryce and Michael Tschimperle.

[notscape icon] There's also the classic "notscape" icon. Anybody sure who owns the rights to this, it's been floating around for a while. I found it on the MIT student organization pages.

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