Minn-StF Board Meeting, March 13 2002

Location: Scott Raun's

In Attendance: Dean Gahlon, Scott Raun, Larry Sanderson, Laura Jean Fish, Sharon Kahn


Books need to be closed on Minicon 36 ASAP. This means the $1000.00 for program book income must be reconciled.

Larry will look into collecting information about who needs to be billed.


Rachael Lininger has volunteered to work on creating a design for the OTML (One True Mailing List).

The board votes to approve her creating a design for a relational database that will include:

The Board briefly discussed what it would need to be able to do for the club: Dean will inform Rachael that, yes, we would like for her to work on this.

Hotel Minicon 38 update:

Ben Yalow will help go through the contract and offer advice.

Contract to be signed ASAP.


Einblatt editor Scott Raun requests postage check for Einblatt. He estimates it's about $187 for about 5 rolls of stamps; he will email Larry to remind him.

Larry Sanderson informs the board that as treasurer he has ordered more regular checks.