Minn-StF Board Meeting, May 8 2002

Location: Scott Raun's

In Attendance: Dean Gahlon, Scott Raun, Larry Sanderson, Laura Jean Fish, Sharon Kahn


The funeral for Carol Stodolka (wife of founding member Frank Stodolka) will be Saturday. Mnstf will send flowers or memorial for $50. Larry Sanderson will place the order.


Larry is still working on the club's taxes.


Scott Raun announced that any information we wish to have printed in the Einblatt should be sent to him ASAP.

Minicon Report

Fan Guest of Honor for Minicon 38 will be Sue Mason. She is a member of the Plokta Cabal, publishers of the fanzine PLOKTA, which (as the Board understands things) translates to Press Lots Of Keys To Abort, Journal of Superfluous Technology.

Still working on getting the hotel contract signed.

Minicon 36 account closed; $8000 profit goes to the Mnstf account and $5000 to Minicon seed money.