Minn-StF Board Meeting, June 12 2002

Location: Scott Raun's

In Attendance: Dean Gahlon, Scott Raun, Larry Sanderson, Laura Jean Fish, Sharon Kahn, Rachael Lininger


Fall Con:

The board discussed paying and attracting more attention to Fall Con by offering a link on Mnstf's website. The board also discussed whether we want to consider Fall Con as an official club function. After discussion the board decided that, yes, it can be considered an official function of the club so long as it has a separate bank account for financing, as this is necessary for tax purposes. Sharon Kahn will inform Rick of this and either one of them will set up the account.


Rachael Lininger, who attended the meeting, asked the board what they want in the OTML: It needs to be able to handle:

Next Rachael asked why the previous one didn't work.

Members of the board pointed out that its inability to be shared out was a major issue for two reasons.

  1. The updates and data entry became too much for one person to handle with the growing number of persons on the list.
  2. There was a failure of persons in charge to follow through with updates.

The Board provided Rachael with a list of persons that currently have individual mailing lists whom she can contact and work with to develop a new relational database.

For Rune and TOTU, the board pointed out that it would like to be able to identify who receives mailed copies and who the subscribers are.

Other specifications for the OTML:

TOTU Finances:

The Board discussed the need to examine finances and will ask Eric Heideman to attend the next board meeting. The board will look at:

Larry Sanderson, treasurer, will send the board members copies of previous account information.

The board will request that Eric submit current account information to the board 1 week before the next meeting.

The board agreed that these finances should be looked at in a yearly manner and that year should follow Minicon to Minicon for accounting purposes. In addition, the board will determine what if any commitments have been made for future issues before considering any changes.

The board would also like a list of outstanding full subscriptions.

The board would like to see more detail oriented accounting in the future for TOTU and will clearly define what details are important upon review.

Garage Sale

The board also briefly discussed the planned garage sale fundraiser. Laura Jean Fish has volunteered to host and help organize the event. Larry Sanderson and Sharon Kahn have also said they'd help. We are currently waiting to hear back from Karen Cooper who is helping coordinate the space and date for the sale.

Anyone donating stuff is eligible for receipts for tax deductions. These receipts will need to be written out in an itemized format by donators and board member Laura Jean Fish will sign them when they drop off their stuff.

Summer Picnic

Last, Laura Jean Fish and Larry Sanderson proposed to host and organize a summer picnic for Mnstf/Minicon in August 2002. The board agreed this is a good idea and requests that an estimated cost be sent to them for review.