MN-StF Board Meeting - September 17, 2003

Present: Larry, Scott, Laura Jean, Dean, Peter Hentges, Polly, Kevin, Joe Agee.

The pre-meeting began with a tour of Scott and Irene's back yard to admire their elderly box elder tree because of which they will go broke getting it pulled out, but he and Irene have other lovely trees and bushes to replace it.

Web site: Peter is willing to take it on but wants to know what the Board expects of him. They wish him to update it regularly, clean out any deadwood, and set up an email message link that will be sent to both web master and Einblatt editor. They would also like a Paypal page for donations and to sell merchandise.

Einblatt email (not counting a lot of spam) is 50% meeting and event announcements and 50% changes of address and publishing news etc. The board wants to let people know that messages to Einblatt will go to the web master as well. Peter asked if there is any information that will serve an audience that is not now being served and the board responded that they would like to keep current information available for our members and be findable for people looking for fannish groups. The board wants quality hits, not quantity hits. One possible opportunity is that the MN-Stf web site could potentially join a fannish webring.

Other web site issues:

This will likely be a few hours per month to maintain the web page. If Peter feels like digging in and redesigning the site, the board would not say no to him. Dean will still put the board minutes up. (Polly will send him the last couple of months in the body of an email.)

Peter is agreeable to becoming the web master. Dean will get in touch with DDB to give Peter access.

Joe came to argue that MN-Stf meetings are where we build community and that having the stipend reduced so that hosts will not be able to have enough meal opportunities to stay at the meeting. Joe would like to add an auction to Minicon as a fund-raiser and then keep the stipend at $50. He will have Carol announce (at the next meeting) that we need to increase revenues and to have people donate either food or money to make the meetings nice.

(At this point the Board indulged in a tangent to discuss a possible LOTR marathon the eve of the release of the Return of the King.)

Hotline: Larry suggests that since Glenn and Mia have resigned from editing the Hotline, we kill it. Other members of the board would like to at least try metering it to see how much it is being used. Kevin is willing to be the lame duck editor for the next few months but if it does not get killed, he does not want to continue in that capacity. The hotline is Ubikkly (Philip K Dick novel). Laura Jean says if the metering does not get set up by September 30, KILL IT! (The board digressed to the history of Arthur Leo Wu. Junk mail proclaiming "Wus since the Civil War" is Dean's favorite piece of Wu history.) Larry will call the phone company and change it to metered for two months. Dean thinks that after a month that we will know that they should kill it and then announce that you are going to kill it in a month. THEN KILL IT. Kevin is hearing the answering machine more than 5 times a month but the board does not know how many of them are telemarketing calls. The board decided on a cutoff of (!! I didn't type it in.)

Pool Party: Last year's room rental was about $200. The budget for food was decided last month as $200. Whoever chooses to be the (principle) host will need to decide on the gun policy for the whole event since the Radisson does not have a policy prohibiting guns, so MN-Stf's gun policy rules.


Steve McDonald - we have an agreement with him to sell his chapbook through 2004 but he would like to raise the cove price to $15 to make change making easier.

Greg's offer: Dreamhaven would like to subsidize the dead tree edition of Einblatt in return for advertising space. He would give us about $100 per month. Scott (as editor) says it is fine with him depending on how much space Greg is talking about. The subsidy would cover the cost of a one sheet Einblatt for 200 people but not the extra cost for an annual directory including increased costs in postage and that it is sent to 400 people. If the board decides to do this, they would offer to refund the subscriptions of the people who paid for paper editions. Scott will have information regarding the incremental cost of sending out the directory next meeting. The board is interested in finding out the specifics of Greg's proposal and thought that if they accepted the proposal they would give it to him for a year and then, if someone else was interested, the board will renegotiate with Greg and the other party(s) what to do. Scott, wearing two hats (but not simultaneously) will talk to Greg.

Taxes: Charmaine is out of town and no one has been able to get the Minicon records from her. The Franklin Bank is also difficult to get stuff out of. The board will apply for another extension to file tax forms. Laura Jean's attempts to get the documentation from Charmain have not succeeded so far. They are on vacation. Laura Jean will continue to try to contact her when they get back from vacation.

Brochure: The board has discussed this in the past and so Larry brought it up again. They would like someone to write text for an updated flyer to put in libraries and other places. Dean suggests they announce that they would like such a volunteer. At the next MN-Stf Meeting Carol will announce it and that we are looking for help to manufacture chapbooks. Laura Jean will let her know all of the things that need to be announced and implemented including a donation kitty.

Thanks to Geri Sullivan for the donation from the Why Fans shouldn't .Time travel Worldcon, which came about because she left the room. The donation was $186.63.

Fundraising ideas:

Promotion ideas:

The board will announce these ideas and have people contact them if they are interested in helping make any of them happen.

Torcon Dead dog party came in under the budget, but Larry does not have the final figures given the necessary exchange of currency. Several people suggested Mpls in '73 make it a tradition to run this party.

Next meeting is October 15 at 7 p.m. Scott will update the time on Einblatt.