Rune 10

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The top of page two, the top few lines of which are very hard to make out, reads:

[????*] I do suggest that everybody get to work. (I will mention something for people without that much aptitude or confidence with words but who know stage settings, directions, and other angles for writing screenplays. I will be perfectly willing to do rewriting and editorial work if you catch me before the next meeting -- I'm at 644-1454 in St. Paul -- and there are probably many other members equally willing and better qualified. And how many Minn-Steffers have read enough screenplays to have more than a

* This might be blank (as indentation, even though it's in the middle of a sentence, but at a page break so you can see how that might happen), or it might have a word of up to 3 or maybe 4 letters. I'm not absolutely sure about the "I" following it, but from there on (i.e. "do suggest...") it's pretty clear once you've squinted sufficiently.

Rune 10 was published before 1977 without a copyright notice and so is in the public domain.