Rune 71

Thanks to Fred A Levy Haskell for scanning this issue. As he says:

As near as I can tell, RUNE 71 can be thought of as consisting of the following three publications:
Sci-Fi People Weekly* 1983 Editors: John Bartelt, Garth Danielson, Karen Trego, David Stever, and Joe Wesson
Sci-Fi People Weekly, aka RUNE Vol.10 No.10 Editorial, by John Bartelt, Interim co-editor
Spark Plugs
Fan Tracks
Omaha: Not Just Another Trendy Pussy, by John Bartelt
Garth Danielson—Zen Office Worker or Modern Day Hugo Gernsback, by John Bartelt
Aliens Buy Farm, by Max Webster
Don Blyly's Burgeoning Bookstore Empire, by John Bartelt
John Bartelt: Mpls Superfan—Can even he save what is left of Crazy Mpls Fandom, by Joe Wesson
I Went To The Worldcon…But, I Ran Away, by Garth Danielson
Letter Column

* “a thinly disguised issue of Rune, Vol. 10 No. 10 (RUNE 71)”
BONG 31* 1983 Editors: John Bartelt, Garth Danielson
BONG #31 cover thumb
  - 4 Front cover by Sarah Prince. Symbolic smoke belching front and other less obvious symbols
  - 3 Inside front cover by Uncle Ken and Taral.
  - 2 This page. Start over at the top.
  - 1 John boy's editorial, gripe gripe gripe.
  0 He's still at it. actually we lied. He started here…
  1 and he finnished here. Official busniess was on -1.
  1 Hhhhhm. Seems to be an error here the letters strat.
  2 Harry warner and jack gaughan. (letter and artist)
  3 letter from a friend and art from kenfletch and jim y.
  4 Brad Foster and a illo sized hole that hasn't been filled
  5 famous people Hinckley, Nixon, Cvetko and reagan.
  6 Napolitano letter and Brad Foster art.
  7 Richard Brandt, ESTEY, Frank Denton, Mr. Lizard.
  8 Lee Carson finally wrote us, and Ed Rom is here, too.
  9 Ed Rom continued and that Hinckley boy again.
  10 We also heard from. We hear from alotta people.
  11 Garth read some books that he wants to tell you about.
  12 Three pages of Bill Kunkel.
  13   Bill is a very funny fellow.
  14 Bill makes a Rastafarian joke just like us.
  15 Steve Stiles art on a new wave type thing.
  16 The outside back cover by Willy Crawford. Too bad about Willy.

* “dietary suppliment to the Rune Boy’s last issue of RUNE, numbered 71.”
RUNE Volume 10.5* March 3, 1983 Supplemental Editors: D.?. Bailey, Scott Imes, Judy A. Cilcain, Karen L. Johnson, Kate L. Worley, Dean C. Gahlon, David S. Cargo
postmailing thumb
March 3, 1983

Because Rune is published without censorship or prior viewing by the Board of Directors, the following disclaimer was accidentally omitted from the last Rune:
“All opinions expressed herein are those of the expressors and are not to be construed as reflecting opinions or policies of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc.”
Without a disclaimer, some people might assume that material in Rune reflects an official opinion of the Board of Directors or the membership as a whole. The Board of Directors regrets that this disclaimer did not appear on Rune Volume 10, Number 10. We sincerely apologize to anyone who might have been hurt or offended because they thought such material spoke for the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. as a whole.