Anokon 2

Anokon 2 was a Minnstf fallcon held on 14–16 September 1979 at the Anoka Holiday Inn. It appears to have been chaired by Caryl Wixon, who was listed at the top of the concom list in the program book as "Emeritus (an obscure flightless bird related to the Dodo)".

Jim Young was listed in the same book as many kinds of GoH in absentia. The archivist can't, at this moment, say if his GoHness extended beyond that.

Program Book

Thumbnail of Anokon 2 program bookHere it is, in PDF.


Here's an Anokon badge that doesn't say what year it is. I am almost sure that it must be for Anokon 2 because Alien ("In space, no one can hear you scream") didn't premiere until May 1979.

An Anokon 2 badge.  It has a picture of, I think, a claw breaking out of an egg.  In the upper left corner it says '33', 'Dave' is handwritten on the egg, and at the bottom it says 'At Anokon, no one willhear you scream...

Ah, yes, definitely for Anokon 2, because now we've gotten this one:

An Anokon 2 badge.  It has a picture of a drunken teddy bear, is badge number 39, says Anokon II, and it is Denny Lien's badge, saying 'Denny'