Decongestant 4
This year partnering with ARCANA

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It's the fall 2019 convention from mn-stf: Sept 27–29, 2019 at the Hilton Bloomington, 3900 American Blvd W. (Already convinced? Skip to registration.)

What's Decongestant 4 going to be like?

Decongestant 4 is a small science fiction and fantasy convention geared primarily towards relaxation. There will be good food, music, gaming, a teen room, a bit of programming, and whatever else you bring to it. If you were at Decongestant 1, 2 or 3, you can expect pretty much the same thing, except that this year we also have a special partnership bringing us the:


Believed dead after 2017, ARCANA's (Celebrating the Weird, the Macabre & the Dark Fantastic) spirit & programming will rise again at Decongestant 4, somewhere between Henry Frankenstein's, "It's Alive!  It's Alive!" and Bauhaus', "Undead!  Undead!  Undead!"

In addition to our usual 3/4 track of fallcon programming, we will also have a track of ARCANA panels and movies with the theme "Scary Science Fiction".

Hotel/room reservations

Map of 2nd floor

Book online using this link or call 1-844-856-8554 by Friday, August 30, 2019 to get the con rates: $109 king, $119 queen/queen ($125, $136 with tax) for Thursday through Sunday nights, and $159 for the adjacent Monday through Wednesday nights. Give them the code "DCON".

If you find that the kind of room you want isn't available at the con rate, try booking directly the hotel (as though you weren't with the con). And if you can get a better rate some other way, go for it. We do not need to fill our block to meet a financial obligation to the hotel, so book however works.

Directions to the hotel and airport shuttle information.

Late checkout may be available, but we do not have a special deal. Normal checkout is noon.

What space does the con have?

We have a cluster of small-to-medium-small rooms on the 2nd floor. One is a suite, and the rest are function-space-type rooms. This is an expandable con. If you want to run a large game, create a new department, or have some other cool idea, let us know. We can expand into more space — the hotel currently also has available at least one boardroom and a large ballroom on the first floor.

When should I show up?

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On Thursday night, the consuite will be open, but we don't promise food or drink until Friday.

The consuite will open at noon on Friday. At-con registration and pre-reg badge pickup will be available starting 2pm in room 211. Other rooms will be opening up soon thereafter. See those departments' sections for details.

The con will run all weekend through the dead dog party Sunday night. We expect to still be partying into the wee hours Monday morning.


We have one track of fairly light programming which will give you something structured to do if you want that. We don't exclude the possibility of heavy programming if there's interest in that.

Contact us if you'd like to schedule something.

Teen Room

There will be a teen-run teen room! There'll probably be videogames and other fun objects. The teen room is available 24h throughout the weekend.

Child Friendly

Decongestant is family and child-friendly, so please bring yours! However, we don't have child care or specific children's programming (we're just not big enough for that).


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There will be a dedicated gaming room available 24h during the convention, starting 6pm Friday (or maybe a little earlier) and running through at least midnight Sunday, and probably until 3am Monday morning.


There will be space available for musicians after programming ends all three days. Friday and Saturday nights the room will be available all night. Sunday night, we have it until at least midnight, and probably until 3am.


The Hilton is reasonably well served by buses. As usual, the problem is for commuters getting home at night. The last bus north is at 11:56pm. See Metrotransit to double check that and for more details.

For drivers, there is free parking in the attached ramp.



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There will be a consuite. This is a room with snacky food and drink (included with your membership) and social space available during all reasonable hours. There will be a fair amount of food here, but it shouldn't be counted on to feed you three meals a day.

The consuite will be open Thursday night through Sunday night. Thursday will be setup, but you can hang out, too. On Friday, it will open as a socialization space (no food or drink) around noon. By 5pm, we'll have soft drinks available and after Opening Ceremonies full snacky-service will begin. We will endeavour to have consuite open as late as people are awake and somewhat vertical. It might close ~2am if people aren't.

Friday dinner:

We will have an optional group dinner delivered to the hotel. Details to follow.

Saturday dinner:

We may have an optional group dinner delivered to the hotel on Saturday. If so, details to follow.

Art show/craft swap

There is no formal art show this year, but you are welcome to bring art for display or to sell. There will also be table space for freebies, craft swapping, etc. Label your objects clearly, especially if they are not meant to be taken freely!


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Decongestant 4 is a small con with minimal programming and minimal financial resources. Panels and other activities are expected to be reasonably accessible by virtue of being very small. With this in mind, if you anticipate needing accommodations in order to enjoy the con, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Code of Conduct

You should read the code of conduct.

Want to be Guest of Honor?

You can be our Sucker Guest of Honor for the low price of $500, first come, first serve. You'll get your name in lights, the chance to make a speech (or avoid making a speech), and it will fund us to rent an additional social room at the hotel for the con. Just select the Sucker Guest of Honor option on the registration form below!

Join Us!

Pre-registration closes Sept 9, 2019. You can also register at the door. We accept cash and check. No credit cards. There is an ATM in the lobby.

AgePre-regAt the door
21+$50 *$60 †
0–12, continuously supervisedFreeFree
0–12, free range$10$20
Day rate (8am–8am)$40
Just-a-few-hours rate$20
Really-just-one-hour rate$10

* If you are short on cash, instead pay $40 — no questions asked (nor will we publish who paid what). If you're shorter on cash, e-mail and let us know your situation.

† Similarly, you may instead pay $50, no questions asked, or less if approved by the chair. However, for practical reasons, confidentiality is not guaranteed at-the-door.

‡ Partial memberships can only be purchased at the door.

Here is a paper registration form.

Elegant Online Registration Form

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See descriptions above

Register for Decongestant 4!

What are those fees? They cancel out what PayPal charges so that, for example, we get the full $50 for a $50 membership. There is no fee for paying by cash or check, because our bank doesn't charge us to deposit those.


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