SPECIAL "Days Get Shorter, Einblatt Gets Longer" OCTOBER 1995 Issue of EINBLATT

OCT 1 (Sun): Diversicon 4 committee meeting. 2 pm, at Joe Agee/Andrew Berthke's / 7433 Humboldt Ave. S. (Richfield): 798-5880.

7 (Sat): World Building Society meets at 1 pm at Boomer's / 312 Central Ave. S. (Mpls). "Look for the people with the books." Topic: Alternate Worlds. FFI: Dan Goodman at 871-5461 or e-mail to: dsg@maroon.tc.umn.edu

7 (Sat): Minnesota Imaginative Fiction Writers' Alliance (MIFWA) meeting. 2 pm at Painter Park Arts & Crafts building / 34th Street and Lyndale Ave. S. (Mpls). Topic: Point of View in Fiction. FFI: Eric Heideman at 825-9353.

7 (Sat): Minn-STF Meeting. 2:30 pm on at place TBA. (Check Hotline--824-5559--for updates.) [Web note: this meeting will be held at Armadillocon in the Red Lion Inn in Austin, Texas. If you get there, be sure to sign in.]

7 (Sat): Stipple-Apa 129 collation. 2 pm at place TBA; likely the Meeting. Copy count is 25. FFI: Judy Cilcain at 699-7676.

11 (Wed): Anne Rice signs MEMNOCH THE DEVIL from 6-10 pm at Hungry Mind Bookstore / 1648 Grand Ave. (St. Paul). FFI: 699-0587.

13/15 (F/S/S): ReinCONation 5 at Regency Plaza in downtown Mpls. FFI: see under Conventions on next page.

14 (Sat): Rivendell Society meets at 1:30 pm in 354 Coffman Union (east bank of Mpls campus of U of MN). Topic: Roger Zelazny's A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER. FFI: Dave Lenander at 292-8887 or e-mail to: d-lena@maroon.tc.umn.edu

14 (Sat): David Housewright signs from noon to 1:30 at Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore / 2864 Chicago Ave. S. (Mpls): 824-9984.

18 (Wed): Minn-STF Board of Directors meeting. 7:30 pm at home of Karen Cooper / 101 E. Minnehaha Parkway (Mpls). FFI: 823-1497 or any Board member (Cooper, Dean Gahlon, Kay Drache, Polly Peterson, Martin Schafer).

20 (Fri): Writers' Union readings, including Elanor Arnason and Terry A. Garey. 7:30 pm at Arise Bookstore / 2117 Lyndale Ave. S. (Mpls). FFI: 871-7117 or Terry at 824-5157.

21 (Sat): NOTE: no Minn-STF meeting today--moved to the 28th to double as Halloween Party--see below.

21 (Sat): Minneapa 319 collation. 2 pm at place TBA. Copy count 30. FFI: Dean Gahlon at 827-1775.

22 (Sun): Minicon 31 meeting. 2 pm at the Radisson South. FFI: 926-7975; 798-5011; 920-2037; or any ConCom member.

28 (Sat): Minn-STF meeting and Halloween (almost) party. 2:30 pm on, at home of Richard Tatge and Sharon Kahn / 4002 Pillsbury Ave. S. (Mpls). Costumes encouraged. Limited smoking (porch). Many children and many gerbils. FFI: 827-3228.

28 (Sat): Paul MacAbbee signs from noon to 1:30 at Uncle Edgar's / 2864 Chicago Ave. S. (Mpls). FFI: 824-9984.

29 (Sun): Diversicon 4 meeting. 1 pm, at place TBA. Topic: Special Guest. FFI: 798-5880 or 825-9353.

30 (Mon): Jack Zipes signs CREATIVE STORYTELLING at 8 pm at Hungry Mind Bookstore / 1648 Grand Avenue (St. Paul). FFI: 699-0587.

31 (Tue): EINBLATT for November deadline is 7 pm sharp: last-minute information (if you must...) to Denny at 824-5157.

NOV 4 (Sat): Minn-STF Meeting. 2:30 pm on, at place TBA--call Hotline, or call Minn-STF President Lydia Nickerson (374-5171) to volunteer your place for this or a future meeting.

4 (Sat): SF Minnesota's 4th Annual Video Party: "Shadows, 1942-1945," begins at 2 pm at home of Joe Agee and Andrew Berthke / 7433 Humboldt Avenue S. (Richfield). FFI: 798-5880.

5 (Sun): Second Foundation meets at 2 pm at place TBA. Topic: David Hartwell's anthology THE DARK DESCENT. FFI: 825-9353.

Forthcoming: NOV 12: Minicon mtg; 15 (tentative) Samuel Delany open reading at U of MN; 18: MinnSTF mtg; Rivendell mtg; 28: Einblatt deadline; DEC 2: MinnSTF & Rivendell mtgs; 10: Minicon & (tent) 2nd Fnd mtgs; 16: MinnSTF mtg; 26: Einblatt deadline
Minnesota Historical Society is interested in collecting fanzines published in MN. FFI, contact Scott Imes at Uncle Hugo's.

Mexican Vampire Film Series at St. Paul (U of MN) Student Center; $5 for non-U of MN admission. 7 pm each Sunday in October. 1st: DRACULA (1931); 8th: EL VAMPIRO; 15: EL GENIO DE LAS TINEBLAS; 22: SANTO CONTRA LAS MUJERES VAMPIRAS; 29: CRONOS

Reading period for TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #16 ("not a theme issue") is Oct.1-Nov. 1. FFI: Eric Heideman (825-9353).

Lois McMaster Bujold has moved to Twin Cities (and has a 4-part serial, CETAGANDA, started in Oct. 1995 issue of ANALOG).

1995 World Fantasy Award nominations include local publisher Fedogan & Bremer for Special Award-Professional; their Robert Bloch book THE EARLY FEARS for Best Collection; their SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH (ed Jones) for Best Anthology; and the Nicholas Royale story from it ("The Homecoming") for Best Short Story. F&B has published a Hugh B. Cave collection, DEATH STALKS THE NIGHT.

Terry A. Garey ("Storm in the Corn") and Elise Matthesen ("War Toys") have poems in WOMEN TONGUE, ed. B. Gale (Minneapolis: 1995).

Laurel Winter sold a short story, "Fighting Gravity," to MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION.

Pam Keesey has a new anthology, DARK ANGELS, due out in October as a trade paperback from Cleis.

Joel Rosenberg's KEEPERS OF THE HIDDEN FLAME #1: THE FIRE DUKE has an October hc reprint from the Science Fiction Book Club.

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS: 2: Elizabeth LaVelle; 5: Joel Halpern; 6: Joe Agee; 9: Kevin Trainor; 10: Kashia Ferguson, Steve Glennon; 11: Beth Friedman, Barry Watson; 13: Lisa Bah; 14: Barb Jensen; 16: Ryan Alexander; 17: Andy Anda, Mauricette Keeley; 19: Hewitt Schaefer; 20: Andrew Berlien, Lee Reynolds; 21: Nancy McClure; 24: Jerry Boyajian; 25: Sue Grandys; 27: Sergei Alderman

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Elizabeth LaVelle and Mitch Pockrandt / 9407 Jamestown Street NE / Blaine MN 55449

Lynn Litterer and Victor Raymond / 3645 Bloomington Ave. S. / Minneapolis MN 55407 // phone: 721-9635

Hilary Posner / 4733 2nd Avenue S. / Minneapolis MN 55409 // phone: 822-6159

Sybil Smith / 3356 Park Avenue S. / Minneapolis MN 55407-2018 // phone: 822-3116

Elaine Barrett-Pell, who was active in MinnSTF in the late 1970s and early 1980s, died in late August at the age of 60. Sympathies to her friends, her children, and her husband, Scott Pell.

First Contact 2 (Oct. 6-8). GoH: Martin H. Greenberg, Robh Ruppel, William Roper. Milwaukee. $30. FFI: welch@warp.msoe.edu

ICON 20 (Oct. 6-8). GoH: Steven Barnes, Phil Hester, Myrna (Dragon Lady) Logan. Best Western/Westfield Inn, Coralville IA. $25 to Sept 30; then $30. Kids 4-12 half; under 4 free. FFI: PO Box 525 / Iowa City IA 52244; or call (313) 354-0549.

ValleyCon 20 (Oct. 6-8). GoH: Simon Hawke, Robin Wood, Blair Flegle. Doublewood Inn, Fargo. $15. FFI: (701) 281-0806.

ReinCONation 5 (Oct. 13-15). GoH: Judith Merril, Andy Hooper. Regency Plaza (downtown Mpls). $30 at the door. Children under 12: $10. One day pass: $15. FFI: ReinCONation / c/o Minnesota Science Fiction Society / PO Box 8097 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or e-mail to: david.emerson@co.hennepin.mn.us

ConTraception 7 (Oct. 27-29). GoH: Lee Killough, Myrna (Dragon Lady) Logan, Ray Van Tillburg. Howard Johnson East, Independence MO. $20 at the door. Adult relaxacon: 21 or older. FFI: Box 1046 / Lee's Summit MO 64063.

Consanguinity 2 (Nov. 3-5). GoH: PN Elrod, Fred Saberhagen, James O'Barr. Lisle IL. FFI: (708) 961-0056 or: mirth@mcs.com

Saints' Con VI (Nov. 4-5). Gaming con in St. Cloud MN. $8. FFI: (612) 240-9447.

Orycon 17 (Nov. 10-12). GoH include Joel Rosenberg. $25 to 31 Oct. Portland OR. FFI: (503) 283-0552.

Windycon 22 (Nov. 10-12). GoH: Poul Anderson, Stanley Schmidt, Heather Bruton, Dick and Leah Zeldes Smith. Schaumburg IL. $25 to 2 October; then $35 to Windycon XXII / Box 184 / Palatine IL 60078-0184; or (708) 383-6948.

Chambanacon 25 (Nov. 24-26). GoH: Andy Offutt, Bob Beese, Bob Tucker, David & Marsha Brim. Champaign/Urbana IL: (217) 753-8934.

Arisia '96 (Jan. 12-14, 1996). GoH include Emma Bull, Will Shetterly. Boston. $30 to November 30. FFI: (617) 371-6565.

Chattacon 21 (Jan. 12-14). GoH include Steven Brust. $22 to 30 Nov. Chattanooga TN. FFI: (404) 578-8461.

Cremecon 2 (Feb. 2-4). GoH: Lawrence Watt-Evans, Sue Weinlein, C.H. Burnett, Richard Russell. Glendale WI. $20 to 4 Jan. '96. FFI (include SASE): Box 37986 / Milwaukee WI 53237; or (414) 223-3243; or e-mail to: cremecon@aol.com

Conamazoo 4 (March 15-17). GoH: Pamela Dean. Battle Creek, MI. $20 to Feb. 14: Box 1546 / Evanston IL 60204. (708) 328-8765.

Minicon 31 (April 5-7). GoH: Suzette Hayette Elgin, David Ossman, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern. Radisson South (Bloomington)--which is already full--and other hotels. $25 to 31 Oct. ($12 for 12-and-under); then $30 to 14 Feb; then $60, to: PO Box 8297 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408. FFI: 333-7533, or e-mail to: request@minicon31.mnstf.org

Conquest 27 (May 24-26, 1996). GoH include Myrna "Dragon Lady" Logan. Kansas City. FFI: (913) 649-8733.

SFRA 1996 (June 21-23). GoH: Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski; also Eleanor Arnason, Earl Joseph, and Joan Slonczewski. University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire campus. More to follow.

Diversicon 4 (August 2-4). GoH: Maureen McHugh. $20 adult / $15 child. FFI: Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408-8036.

Bouchercon 27 (Oct. 9-13, '96). Mystery con. GoH: Mary Higgins Clark. Radisson Hotel (St. Paul). $50 to 9 Oct. 95. 871-1227.


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