November 1996 Issue of EINBLATT

SPECIAL "Vote Early and Often" November 1996 Issue of EINBLATT

November Events

NOV 1-2 (F/S): Last two days of a special sale at DreamHaven: 50% off all used paperbacks (LynLake store only) and back issue comics (LynLake and Dinkytown). FFI: 823-6161 or LynLake is at 912 W. Lake Street (Mpls); Dinkytown at 1309 4th St. SE (Mpls). Note new e-mail.

2 (Sat): MinnSTF meeting. 2:30 pm on at home of Richard Tatge and Sharon Kahn / 4002 Pillsbury Ave. S. (Mpls). Smoking on front porch; gerbils; "not childproof but kids welcome": 827-3118.

2 (Sat): Minneapa 331 collation. 3 pm at the meeting. Copy count 25. FFI: Dean at 827-1775.

2 (Sat): SF Minnesota annual Halloween video party: Classic Horror Films, part 5-- "Keep Watching Skies! 1951-1956." Home of Andrew Bertke/Joseph Agee / 7433 Humboldt Ave. S. (Richfield). Free & open to the public. FFI: Joseph/Andrew at 798-5880 or Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

3 (Sun): Minicon 32 open meeting. 2 pm, at the Sofitel. FFI: Tom at 798-5011, Cat at 729-1473, voice mail at 333-7533, or e-mail to:

9 (Sat): Rivendell Society meeting. 1:30 pm in 327 Coffman Union (east bank of U of MN Mpls campus). Topic TBA -- check the hotline or David Lenander at 292-8887 FFI.

9 (Sat): Minnesota Imaginative Fiction Writers' Alliance (MIFWA) presentation. 2 pm at Walker (Mpls Public) Library / 2880 Hennepin Ave. S. (Mpls). Topic: Humor in Science Fiction. Public is invited. FFI: Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

9 (Sat): Jane Strauss housewarming party at 3026 36th Ave. S. (Mpls); 7 pm onwards. Vegetarian/ "kosher as possible" potluck. FFI: 722-1412; fax 722-1456; or e-mail:

13 (Wed): Eleanor Arnason speaks on "How to Get Started as a Science Fiction Writer." 7 pm at the Walker (Mpls Public) Library / 2880 Hennepin Ave. S. (Mpls). Sponsored by the Mpls/St. Paul local of the National Writers' Union. $3 admission (free to NWU members). FFI: 879-4114.

16 (Sat): WorldBuilding Society meets at 1 pm at Boomer's Saloon and Deli / 312 Central Avenue SE (Mpls). "Look for the people with the books." Topic: Neglected SF Settings. FFI: Dan Goodman at 871-5461 or e-mail to:

16 (Sat): MinnSTF meeting. 2:30 pm at home of Joyce Scrivner / 3212-C Portland Ave. S. (Mpls). Cats. Didn't hear anything about smoking policy or childproofery; hotline or 824-7943 FFI.

17 (Sun): Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society meets at 2 pm, probably at home of Myrna Logan / 5525 Endwood Trail (Northfield). Location tentative -- call to confirm, or for details/directions, to (507) 645-8716, or e-mail to:

17 (Sun): Diversicon 5 committee meeting. 2 pm, at home of Eric M. Heideman / 3142 Lyndale Avenue S. - Apt. C (Mpls). Topic: Publicity. FFI: Eric at 825-9353.

17 (Sun): Gaylaxians meeting. 4 pm on, at home of Kathy Fidles / 3416 19th Avenue S. (Mpls). Topics: defining plans for Minicon and Diversicon (panels etc.) and for possible hosting of a national Gaylaxians event. FFI: Penny at 729-9015.

19 (Tue): Tad Williams signs from 4 to 5:30 pm at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Book Store / 2864 Chicago Avenue S. (Mpls). FFI: 824-6347, or e-mail to:

21 (Thu): MinnSTF Board of Directors meets at 7 pm at home of Kay Drache / 3067 Zarthan Avenue S. (St. Louis Park). FFI: Kay at 926-7975, or any other Board member.

26 (Tue): Deadline to get information into the November EINBLATT is 7:00:00 pm to 824-5157. Info a day or twenty earlier (always appreciated) can go there, via mail, or to:

30 (Sat): StippleApa 139 collation. 2 pm, at Cat Whisker Ranch / 1735 Rome Avenue S. (St. Paul). Copy count 25. FFi: Judy Ann Cargo Cilcain at 827-3118.

DEC shufflings: 1: Minicon mtg; 7: MinnSTF & Rivendell; 8: 2d Foundation; 21: MinnSTF (?)

For the Record

Last month's Rivendell was indeed 12 Oct; the Simak title listed as newly published last month (OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS) is the same as THE BEST OF CLIFFORD D. SIMAK, listed in the March EINBLATT (the BEST OF version is the subtitle).

November Birthdays

1: Jane Freitag; 4: Kara Dalkey; 6: Jack Targonski; 7: Gerri Balter; Ed Eastman; Glen Hausfeld; 8: Myrna Sue Logan; 11: Marty Helgesen; 12: Linda Moss-Levin; 15: Rob Ihinger; 16: Ken Konkol; 17: Grace Riger; 22: Diana Therese; Phil Vincent; 23: Steven Brust; 24: Alice Ableman; 25: Chris Grams

Change of Address

Susan Champeny (Pook), Chris Benders (Krissi), David Vogel Jr., and Gail Hormats are now at: 6 Hackfeld Street / Worcester MA 01609

Jane Strauss / 3026 36th Ave. S. / Minneapolis MN 55406 // 722-1412 (by mid-Nov)

Change of Electronic Address: Mostly Harmless no longer supports dialup access; reach it instead at: telnet:// and login as: BBS

Change of Marital Status: Best wishes to Judy Cilcain and David S. Cargo on their October 5th wedding.


"Mostly homebound Saint Paul filker" looking for other filkers with an interest in singing in a nonsmoking, perfume-free environment containing small children and a dog. (Smokers/perfume wearers interested in attending inquire about decontamination procedures--apologies for inconvenience). Call Michelle at 489-4966 or e-mail to:

Publishing News

Local publisher

Robert M. Price (ed), THE NEW LOVECRAFT CIRCLE, Fedogan & Bremer hc, now out


Bruce Bethke & Theodore Beal, REBEL MOON, Pocket Books pb, now out

Kara Dalkey, LITTLE SISTER, Harcourt Brace hardcover, now out

Novel reprint

Lois McMaster Buhold, MEMORY, November SF Book Club hc reprint selection


Carolyn Stevermer, RIVER RATS, October, Harcourt Brace paperback reprint

Collection / local publisher

Howard Wandrei, THE LAST PIN, ed. Dwayne H. Olson, Fedogan & Bremer hc


Pam Keesey (ed), WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WEREWOLVES, Cleis trade pb, now out

Story reprint

Gordon R. Dickson, "Call Him Lord," in INTERGALACTIC MERCENARIES (ROC pb, 1996)

Last-Minute News: Supercon 4 will be held Jan. 24-26 in Rochester MN; adult prereg $25 to: Box 14355 Dinkytown Station / Minneapolis MN 55414; FFI: Charles Piehl 871-0557,


Local and/or with locals as guests (check LOCUS or call me for more details)

Interstellar Support Trade Show (Nov. 2-3). Rochester MN. Dealers, gaming, auction. FFI: PO Box 633 / St. Charles MN 55972 or e-mail to:

WindyCon 23 (Nov. 8-10). GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold, Randy Asplund-Faith, Christian Ready, Tom and Tara Barber, Barry B. Longyear. Schaumburg IL. $35 at the door. FFI: (708) 383-6948 or e-mail to:

Boskone 34 (Feb. 14-16, 1997). GoH: John M. Ford, Ron Walotsky. $34 to 19 Jan. to: Boskone 34 / Box 809 / Framingham MA 01701-0203.

Minicon 32 (March 28-30, 1997). GoH: C.J. Cherryh, Tom Lopez, others TBA. Radisson South, Sofitel, and Holiday Inn (Bloomington). $30 adult / $12 child to 14 Feb. FFI: Minicon 32 / PO Box 8297 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or hotline at (612) 824-5559; or voice mail at (612) 333-7533; or e-mail to: or get e-mail FAQ at: . Hotel info at:

Conversion (May 16-18, 1997). GoH: Nick Pollotta, Reed Waller. Deerfield IL. $25 to 1 April to: PO Box 257795 / Chicago IL 60625-7795; or FFI:

WisCon 21 (May 23-26, 1997). GoH: Melissa Scott. $30 adult / $20 child to 1 March to: PO Box 1624 / Madison WI 53701-1624. FFI: (608) 233-8850 or

Diversicon 5 (July 25-27, 1997). GoH: Tanya Huff plus (posthumous) Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. Special Guest: Pam Keesey. Radisson South (Bloomington). $25 adult/$20 child to 4 July; then $35/$30. FFI: Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Mpls MN 55408-8036; or phone to (612) 825-9353; or e-mail to:

Arcana 1997 (Sept. 26-28, 1997). GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or Kathy at (612) 484-2575 FFI.

Archon 21 (Oct. 3-5, 1997). GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. Collinsville IL. FFI (314) 326-3026.

Ongoing Information

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: (612) 824-5559.

Minicon Voice Mail at (612) 333-7533; also Web site at:

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 827-3228.

Shockwave (and) Sound Affects. Local sf radio shows. Saturdays at 6-6:30/6:30-7 on KFAI-FM (90.3).

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