Einblatt February 1997

SPECIAL "Flaked Over And Fobbed Off With" FEBRUARY 1997 Issue of EINBLATT


FEB 1 (Sat): Minnesota Imaginative Fiction Writers' Alliance (MIFWA) meeting. 2 pm at the Walker (Mpls Public) Library / 2880 Hennepin Ave. S. (Mpls). Topic: "Rejection Slips -- (B.Y.O.S.)." Public is invited, as usual. FFI: Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

1 (Sat): MinnSTF meeting. 2:30 pm, at place TBA. This is the first of two annual nominations meetings for the MinnSTF Board of Directors; the second will be at the Feb. 15th meeting (the annual Pool Party at the Radisson), with the annual voting meeting on March 8th (note date change). FFI: Any MinnSTF Board member or Membership Secretary Laura Krentz (827-1775).

1 (Sat): Minneapa 334 collation. 3 pm, at the meeting. Copy count 25. FFI: Dean at 827-1775.

1 (Sat): Gaylaxians meet from 4-6 pm at home of Penny Ebbits 5153 27th Ave. S. (Mpls). I believe this is another potluck (e.g., bring something) with same agenda as last month: Minicon plans, newsletter plans, hanging out. FFI: Penny at 729-9015.

2 (Sun): Minicon 32 open meeting. 2 pm, at the Radisson South. FFI: Cat at 729-1473; Tom at 798-5011; voice mail at 333-7533; or e-mail to: request@minicon32.mnstf.org

8 (Sat): WorldBuilding Society meets at 1 pm at Gabe's (formerly Boomer's) / 312 Central Ave. SE (Mpls). "Look for the people with the books." Topic: Ecology Is Not Simple. FFI: Dan Goodman at 871-5461, or e-mail to: dsg@visi.com

9 (Sun): SF Minnesota meeting. 2 pm at home of Sybil Smith / 3816 10th Ave. S. (Mpls). Topic: Future SF MN projects. FFI: Sybil at 823-6203 or Eric at 825-9353.

15 (Sat): Reading period for submissions to TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED 18 closes. FFI: 825-9353.

15 (Sat): Rivendell Society meeting. 1:30 pm, in 355 Coffman Union (east bank of Mpls campus of U of MN). Topic: EXILE'S SONG and its prequels by Marion Zimmer Bradley. FFI: Dave at 292-8887.

15 (Sat): MinnSTF meeting. 2:30 pm, at the Radisson South. This is the annual MinnSTF Pool Party, and is also the second of two nominations meeting for the MinnSTF Board of Directors. The Minn-StF board is hosting this Pool Party. FFI on nominations/elections, see above under Feb. 1.

15 (Sat): John Stanley's 40th birthday party. 4 pm, at the Pool Party. FFI: 225-4323.

16 (Sun): Minicon 32 open meeting. 2 pm at the Radisson South. FFI: see above under Feb. 2nd.

16 (Sun): Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society meets from 2-5 at home of Linda Lounsbury / 3832 1st Avenue S. (Mpls). FFI: 827-6712.

16 (Sun): Monthly Filksing (every 3rd Sunday); 7-10 pm at home of Michelle Bottorff / 1284 Marion St. (St. Paul). Nonsmoking, perfume-free household with kids and dog. This month: hostess birthday--omit gifts, but free cupcakes. FFI: 489-4966, or: bottorff@pconline.com

20 (Thu): MinnSTF Board of Directors meets at 7 pm at home of Kay Drache / 3067 Zarthan Avenue S. (St. Louis Park). FFI: Kay at 926-7975, or any other Board member.

22 (Sat): StippleApa 141 collation. 2 pm, at the home of David Cummer / 3611 Lyndale Avenue S. (Mpls). Copy count 25. FFI: Judie Ann Cargo Cilcain at 699-7676.

25 (Tue): Deadline to get information into the March EINBLATT is 7:00:00 pm (to the nanosecond). Last minute/last couple hours information should be called in to 824-5157; earlier info (which is appreciated) can go there or be mailed or e-mailed to Denny Lien ( d-lien@tc.umn.edu ).

25 (Tue): Patricia Wrede repeats her "Writing Credible Science Fiction" class tonight and March 4 for Open University. FFI: Open University at 349-9273.

28 (Fri): Arcana committee meeting. 7:30 at O'Gara's / 164 Snelling Ave. N. (St. Paul). FFI: Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

Stealing a MARCH: MinnSTF mtg (election mtg) on 8th; Minicon mtg 2th and 16th; WorldBuilding 8th; Rivendell 8th; Diversicon mtg 9th; Einblatt deadline 25th; Minicon 28/29/30.


2: Don Fitch; 4: Shandra Duval; 5: Faun Bonewits; 8: Mark Abbott; Kathy Marschall; 10: Bill Colsher; 11: Page Appelbaum; 14: Crystal Marvig; Blue Petal; 15: Erik Biever; 16: John Stanley; 20: Dan Goodman; 23: Bev Elmshauser; Peter Larsen; 25: Charles Piehl; Steve St. Onge; 28: Steven Bush

Changes of Address

Jeff Ahlstrom / 2212 Harriet Avenue - #1 / Minneapolis MN 55405; phone 879-1076

Andy Anda / 5121 York Avenue S. / Minneapolis MN 55410; phone 922-4187

Doug Crighton / 17-2371 Portage Avenue / Winnipeg MB R3J 0M9 CANADA; phone 204-837-5479

Charles Piehl / 2411 Blaisdell Avenue S. / Minneapolis MN 55404; phone 871-0557

Mitch Thornhill / 1106 Fred Bacot Road / Summit MS 39666-8038

New phone numbers (no address change) for Victor Raymond (910-2028) and Jane Strauss (722-2271)

Corrected e-mail contact for Diversicon: agbertke@scc.net

The former DreamHaven Uptown has been incorporated (as DreamHaven SideShow) into an expanded area of DreamHaven Books and Comics at 912 W. Lake Street (Mpls).

Publishing News


MEMORY by Lois McMaster Bujold is #4 hardcover on the January LOCUS bestseller list, and is #9 on both the Waldenbooks and the Barnes&Noble/B.Dalton lists. Additionally, Bujold's CETAGANDA is #3 on the LOCUS paperbacks list and CORDELIA'S HONOR is #5 on LOCUS trade pb list.


"David's Ashes" by Laurel Winter appears in the March 1997 MAGAZINE OF F&SF.


Mark Time Award for Best Science Fiction Audio Presentation fill be presented at Minicon Opening Ceremonies on 28 March. To enter, get form at: http://www.mtn.org./~jstearns/MarkTime.html and send with three copies of audio and check for $25 to: Mark Time Award / PO Box 566 / Freeland WA 98249 before 28 Feb. 1997. FFI: WebSite, me, or Jerry S. at 722-2907.


Local and/or with locals as guests (check LOCUS or call me for more details)

Boskone 34 (Feb. 14-16). GoH: John M. Ford, Ron Walotsky. Framingham MA.

Power Downcon (March 16). GoH: Walter Koenig, David Barron, and Charles Napier. Omni Center in Onalaska WI. Star Trek/Babylon 5/media convention. Costume contest; auction; cabaret. $10 to $20 (under six free). FFI: 507-932-4258; PO Box 633 / St Charles MN; or pacey@infonet.isl.net

Minicon 32 (March 28-30). GoH: C.J. Cherryh, Tom Lopez, Tom Doherty, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Algis Budrys, Michael Swanwick, possible others TBA. Radisson South, Sofitel, and Holiday Inn (Bloomington). $30 adult / $12 child to 14 Feb. FFI: Minicon 32 / PO Box 8297 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or hotline at (612) 824-5559; or voice mail at: (612) 333-7533; or e-mail to: request@minicon32.mnstf.org or get e-mail FAQ at: info@minicon.mnstf.org . Hotel info from: hotel@minicon32.mnstf.org . See also Web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon32 (and see also: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33 )

V-Con 22/Lizardocon (April 25-27). GoH: Steven Brust. Vancouver, B.C. FFI: (604) 588-9511.

Conversion (May 16-18). GoH: Nick Pollotta, Reed Waller. Deerfield IL. $25 to 1 April to: PO Box 257795 / Chicago IL 60625-7795; or FFI: converge1@aol.com

WisCon 21 (May 23-26). GoH: Melissa Scott, Susanna Sturgis. $30 adult / $20 child to 1 March to: PO Box 1624 / Madison WI 53701-1624. FFI: (608) 233-8850 or www.sf3.org/wiscon/

DucKon 6 (June 6-8). GoH include Artist Guest Erin McKee. Oakbrook Hyatt (800-233-1234). $30 to 1 May to: DucKon 6 / PO Box 4843 / Wheaton IL 60189.

Convocation '97/Unicon 16 (July 18-20). GoH: Steven Brust. Cambridge, UK. FFI: Convocation / 19 Uphall Road / Cambridge CB1 3HX; or e-mail to: convocation@moose.demon.co.uk

Diversicon 5 (July 25-27). GoH: Tanya Huff plus (posthumous) Mary Shelley & Bram Stoker. Special Guest: Pam Keesey. Radisson South (Bloomington). $25 adult/$20 child to 4 July; then $35/30. FFI: Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Mpls MN 55408-8036; or phone to (612) 825-9353; or e-mail to: agbertke@scc.net

Arcana 1997 (Sept. 26-28). GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or Kathy at (612) 484-2575 FFI.

Archon 21 (Oct. 3-5). GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. Collinsville IL. FFI (314) 326-3026.

ICON 22 (Oct. 10-12). GoH: John M. Ford, Kaja Foglio, William "Bear" Reed. Best Western Westfield Inn (319-354-7770) in Coralville IA. FFI: PO Box 525 / Iowa City IA 52244; Gregg at (319) 338-7375; Lynda at (319) 341-8185; or: http://www.sflis.org/icon/

LosCon 24 (Nov. 28-30). GoH include Fan Guest Geri Sullivan. Los Angeles. $25 to LosCon 24 / c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society / 11513 Burbank Blvd / North Hollywood CA 91601.

Ongoing Information

Board (and I) still looking for someone to take over EINBLATT (we have one semi-firm nibble...), as of the May (e.g., late April) issue. Two more months and I'm out of here...

The print (but not electronic) versions of this issue will include a copy of the annual MinnSTF Directory (and a few people who do not ordinarily get EINBLATT will thus get this one). All corrections, additions, comments or compliments on said Directory can go to Barry Watson, keeper of the One True Mailing List. If you want corrections announced in EINBLATT as well, copy to me; otherwise that's not necessary (I just work here, and no one listens to me...).

EINBLATT is a monthly publication of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, devoted to news of the local SF community. Send same to Denny Lien / 3149 Park Ave. S. / Minneapolis MN 55407; or call me at (612) 824-5157 or 624-0503 (work). E-mail can now go to: einblatt@mnstf.org ((or)) to me at: d-lien@tc.umn.edu /// Next deadline is 7 pm sharp on Tuesday, February 25th, 1997.

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