Einblatt March 1997

"The Merry Minicon MARCHing Society" MARCH 1997 Issue of EINBLATT


FEB 28 (Fri): Arcana committee meeting. 7:30 at O'Gara's / 164 Snelling Ave. N. (St. Paul). FFI: Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

MARCH 2 (Sun): Minicon 32 open meeting. 2 pm, at the Radisson South. FFI: Tom at 798-5011; Cat at 729-1473; voice mail at 333-7533; or e-mail to: request@minicon32.mnstf.org

5 (Wed): ReinCONation 7 organizational meeting. 7:30 at Toad Hall / 3422 Blaisdell Avenue S. (Mpls). All interested in working on same invited. FFI: David Emerson at 822-9172 (home) or 348-5963 (work), or Toad Hall at 825-3558.

8 (Sat): WorldBuilding Society meeting. 1 pm, at Gabe's / 312 Central Ave. SE (Mpls). "Look for the people with the books." Topic: Alternate History. FFI: Dan Goodman at 871-5461; or e-mail to: dsgood@visi.com ((NOTE corrected e-mail; last month's was incorrect; my apologies...).

8 (Sat): Rivendell Society meeting. 1:30 pm, in 355 Coffman Union (east bank of Mpls campus of U of MN). Topic: Twain's CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, and film(s) based thereon. FFI: David Lenander at 292-8887 or e-mail to: d-lena@tc.umn.edu

8 (Sat): MinnSTF meeting. 2:30 pm, at home of Sharon Kahn and Richard Tatge / 4002 Pillsbury Ave. S. (Mpls). This is the annual Voting Meeting. Smoking on front porch; gerbils; "not childproof but kids welcome." FFI: 827-3228.

9 (Sun): Diversicon committee meeting. 2 pm, at home of Jane Strauss / 3026 36th Ave. S. (Mpls). Topics: D5 t-shirt art; D-6 leadership selection. FFI: Jane at 722-2271 or Eric at 825-9353.

15 (Sat): Ides of March party. 8 pm on, at home of Jerry Corwin, Julie Johnson, and Nancy Klock / 3040 Grand Ave. S. (Mpls). Official Minn-STF function (counts for voting purposes). Cats; not childproof; no smoking. Contributions of food or drink encouraged, as are costumes from works of Shakespeare or Douglas Adams. FFI: 824-7800.

16 (Sun): Minicon 32 open meeting. 2 pm, at the Radisson South. FFI: same as under March 2nd.

16 (Sun): Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society. 2 to 5 pm, at home of Carol Kennedy / 3328 Colfax Ave. S. (Mpls). "No smoking; many pets; many children. Please do not bring children without checking first with host. ("Children" does not include active members of LSCTS--actual members are welcome, no matter what their age.)" FFI: 823-6031 or colfaxgp@minn.net

16 (Sun): Monthly Filksing (every 3rd Sunday). 7-10 pm at home of Michelle Bottorff / 1204 Marion St. (St. Paul). Nonsmoking, perfume-free household with kids and dog. FFI: 489-4966, or e-mail to: bottorff@pconline.com

25 (Tue): Deadline to get info into April EINBLATT is 7:00:00 pm. Last minute/last couple of hours info should be called in to 824-5157; earlier information (which is encouraged and appreciated) can go there, be mailed, or be e-mailed to: d-lien@tc.umn.edu

28/29/30 (F/S/S): Minicon 32. Groups meeting at con (check Schedule for time etc.) include: Gaylaxians: program on Lambda Literary Awards, plus parties Friday and Saturday nights MIFWA: "Minnesota SF Writers' Groups: The 1997 Scene" Rivendell: discussion on Jane Yolen's Arthurian trilogy Second Foundation: "The Works of C.J. Cherryh" SF Minnesota: "Minnesota Fandom 101"

APRIL 5 (Sat): Minn-STF meeting. 2:30 pm on, at home of Polly Peterson / 2801 Irving Ave. N. (Mpls). FFI: 522-7178.

5 (Sat): StippleApa collation. Probably at the Minn-STF meeting; details next time.

APRIL Alsos: MinnSTF and WorldBuilding on 19th; Filksing and Gaylaxians on 20th;

For the Record

The Feb. 1 Minn-STF meeting was at Kahn/Tatges; Jan. 26 Gaylaxians was cancelled.


Board (and I) still looking for someone to take over EINBLATT (we have one semi-firm nibble...), as of the May (e.g., late April) issue. One more month and I'm out of here... (ddb: that'd be me, and I've now officially accepted)

No Minneapa collation this month (editor Dean Gahlon is handling collation individually).

Congratulations to Karen Cooper and Bruce Schneier on their March 2nd wedding.

New Fans: Emily Grace Stever, born November 1st to Marge Parmenter and David Stever (belated news that I missed, sorry); also, Hillarie and Mark Riley expect their third child in July.

March Birthdays

3: Peter Toluzzi; 5: Phillip C. Jennings; 8: Joella Bonser, Steve Cox; 9: David Emerson; 10: Margie Lessinger; 14: Ben Lessinger; 16: Kate Worley; 18: Bruce Krafft; 19: Karen Cooper; 24: Ken Hardwick; Pat Beckfield; 26: Jason Hollister; 27: Bryan Andersen, Peter Hentges

Change of Address

Change of Address: Jon Singer / 10018 45th Ave. NE / Seattle WA 98125-8120 / (206) 517-4734

Correction of Directory Information: Joella Bonser's phone number is 722-2095

Publishing and Writing News

Local Rivendell group hosts Bree Moot 3 (a small Tolkien conference) in May; contact David Lenander at 292-8887 or: d-lena@tc.umn.edu for further info or to volunteer to help, present, etc.

Peg Kerr Ihinger teaches "Writing Fantasy and SF" Monday nights 7 April-19 May in the U's Complete Scholar Program (#0415). Seven sessions 6:30-8:30. FFI: U at 624-8880 or Peg at 722-0819.

Kij Johnson is new member of the Sturgeon Award (short fiction) committee, joining Gunn and Pohl.

Erin McKee won a Judge's Choice Art Award at LA Con III for "Forest Spirits" (belated news; sorry).

Dan Goodman has established a new Usenet local newsgroup for Minnesota sf info: mn.sf

Bill Haverberg seeks to join or start a BABYLON 5 viewing group: 724-3495 or haverber@visi.com

Science Center of Iowa (Des Moines) has exhibit STAR TREK: FEDERATION SCIENCE! running to 27 April: "40 modular displays that cover more than 6,000 square feet." FFI: (515) 247-6868

Febuary LOCUS Bestsellers List includes Lois McMaster Bujold's MEMORY as #7 on the Hardcovers list and her CORDELIA'S HONOR as #4 on the Trade Paperbacks list.

Same LOCUS prints its 1996 Recommended Reading List; local authors thereon include Bujold for both CETAGANDA and MEMORY (sf novels), Raphael Carter for THE FORTUNATE FALL (first novel), Bujold for DREAMWEAVER'S DILEMMA (collection), Phillip C. Jennings for "The Road to Reality" in March ASIMOV'S (novella), and Eleanor Arnason for "The Dog's Story" in May ASIMOV'S (novelette).

1997 Minnesota Book Awards (to be presented April 11th) have dropped the sf/fantasty category this year. However, Patricia Wrede's BOOK OF ENCHANTMENTS was nominated as Young Adult Fiction, and John Calvin Rezmerski was nominated as editor in Collected Works for FREDERICK MANFRED READER.


NONFICTION BOOK: Ruth Berman (compiler), DEAR POPPA: THE WORLD WAR II BERMAN FAMILY LETTERS. ed. by Judy Barrett Litoff, is due out this fall from Minnesota Historical Society Press.

STORY REPRINT: John M. Ford, "The Sixth Finger," in THE OUTER LIMITS v. 1 (Prima trade paperback)


Local and/or with locals as guests (check LOCUS or call me for more details)

Power Downcon (March 16). GoH: Walter Koenig, David Barron, and Charles Napier. Omni Center in Onalaska WI. Star Trek/Babylon 5/media convention. Costume contest; auction; cabaret. $10 to $20 (under six free). FFI: 507-932-4258; PO Box 633 / St Charles MN; or pacey@infonet.isl.net

Minicon 32 (March 28-30). GoH: C.J. Cherryh, Tom Lopez, Tom Doherty, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Algis Budrys, Michael Swanwick. Radisson South, Sofitel, and (accessible via shuttle) Holiday Inn (Bloomington). $60 per person at the door. FFI: Minicon 32 / PO Box 8297 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or hotline at (612) 824-5559; or voice mail at: (612) 333-7533; or e-mail to: request@minicon32.mnstf.org or get e-mail FAQ at: info@minicon.mnstf.org . Hotel info from: hotel@minicon32.mnstf.org . See also Web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon32 (and see also: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33 )

V-Con 22/Lizardocon (April 25-27). GoH: Steven Brust. Vancouver, B.C. FFI: (604) 588-9511.

Conversion (May 16-18). GoH: Nick Pollotta, Reed Waller. Deerfield IL. $25 to 1 April to: PO Box 257795 / Chicago IL 60625-7795; or FFI: converge1@aol.com

WisCon 21 (May 23-26). GoH: Melissa Scott, Susanna Sturgis. $30 adult / $20 child to 1 March to: PO Box 1624 / Madison WI 53701-1624. FFI: (608) 233-8850 or www.sf3.org/wiscon/

DucKon 6 (June 6-8). GoH include Artist Guest Erin McKee. Oakbrook Hyatt (800-233-1234). $30 to 1 May to: DucKon 6 / PO Box 4843 / Wheaton IL 60189.

Convocation '97/Unicon 16 (July 18-20). GoH: Steven Brust. Cambridge, UK. FFI: Convocation / 19 Uphall Road / Cambridge CB1 3HX; or e-mail to: convocation@moose.demon.co.uk

Diversicon 5 (July 25-27). GoH: Tanya Huff plus (posthumous) Mary Shelley & Bram Stoker. Special Guest: Pam Keesey. Radisson South (Bloomington). $25 adult/$20 child to 4 July; then $35/30. FFI: Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Mpls MN 55408-8036; or phone to (612) 825-9353; or e-mail to: agbertke@scc.net

Arcana 1997 (Sept. 26-28). GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or Kathy at (612) 484-2575 FFI.

Archon 21 (Oct. 3-5). GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. Collinsville IL. FFI (314) 326-3026.

ICON 22 (Oct. 10-12). GoH: John M. Ford, Kaja Foglio, William "Bear" Reed. Best Western Westfield Inn (319-354-7770) in Coralville IA. FFI: PO Box 525 / Iowa City IA 52244; Gregg at (319) 338-7375; Lynda at (319) 341-8185; or: http://www.sflis.org/icon/

LosCon 24 (Nov. 28-30). GoH include Fan Guest Geri Sullivan. Los Angeles. $25 to LosCon 24 / c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society / 11513 Burbank Blvd / North Hollywood CA 91601.

Ongoing Information

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: (612) 824-5559.

Minicon Voice Mail at (612) 333-7533; also Web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon32

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 827-3228.

Shockwave (and) Sound Affects. Local sf radio shows. Saturdays at 6-6:30/6:30-7 on KFAI-FM (90.3).

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