Einblatt April 1997

SPECIAL "Spring-Driven Thing" APRIL 1997 Issue of EINBLATT

New Editor

As the entry under 21st makes clear, the new EINBLATT editor is David Dyer-Bennet. I'm delighted to have him on board and feel sure the transition will be smooth. (As D D-B is also the Minn-STF Web master, electronic version will be up faster as well.) I'll be working with him, especially with publication and convention info. EINBLATT began many years ago as Dan Goodman's personal project, and since Minn-STF formalized it has seen as editors Dan, Karen Schaffer (with Terry Garey as her production assistant), Mark Richards, and (since Nov. 89) me, Denny Lien (also with Terry Garey as production assistant without portfolio). It's been interesting, and much of the time it's been fun. Thanks to all who made it so. Hang by your thumbs; see you on the Funway; and Hail and Farewell.

April Events

MARCH 28/29/30: Minicon 32. Groups meeting etc. there (check Schedule for time & place) include:

APRIL 3 (Thu): Ctein's quasi-annual photo show and sale. 7:30 pm on, at Blaisdell Polytechnic / 3721 Blasidell Avenue (Mpls). FFI: 827-6521.

5 (Sat): Minn-STF meeting. 2:30 pm on, at home of Polly Peterson / 2801 Irving Ave. N. (Mpls). Cats and dogs; not childproofed; smoking on "nifty new deck" (only). FFI: 522-7178.

5 (Sat): StippleApa 142 collation. 2:30 pm, at Minn-STF meeting. Copy count 25. FFI: 699-7676.

5 (Sat): Minneapa 336 collation. 3 (?) pm, at the meeting. Copy count 25. FFI: 827-1775.

6 (Sun): Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society meets from 2-5 pm at home of Julie Johnson / 3040 Grand Ave. S. (Mpls). Cats; no smoking; "supervised children welcome." FFI: 824-7800.

7 (Mon): DiversiCon meeting. 7 pm, at home of Amanda Elg / 7310 York Ave. S. (Edina). Topic: DiversiCon 5 programming. FFI: Amanda at 835-6320.

12 (Sat): Rivendell Society meeting. 1:30 pm, in Coffman Union (east bank of Mpls campus of U of MN). Topic (rescheduled from last month's cancelled meeting): Twain's A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT and related movie(s). FFI: David Lenander at 292-8887 or d-lena@tc.umn.edu

17 (Thu): Minn-STF Board of Directors meets at 7 pm at Courts of Chaos / 2609 3rd Ave. S. (Mpls). FFI: Martin Schafer at 872-9393, or any other Board member.

19 (Sat): WorldBuilding Society meeting. 1 pm on, at Gabe's / 312 Central Ave. SE (Mpls). "Look for the people with the books." Topic: Borrowing Universes. FFI: 871-5461 or dsgood@visi.com

19 (Sat): Minn-STF meeting. 2:30 pm, at place TBA--check Hotline for update: 824-5559.

20 (Sun): Gaylaxians dinner meeting. 5 pm. Lotus Restaurant / 3037 Hennepin (Mpls). FFI: 729-9015.

20 (Sun): Monthly Third Sunday Filksing. 7-10 pm at home of Michelle Bottorff / 1284 Marion St. (St. Paul). Nonsmoking, perfume-free house with kids & dog: 489-4966 or bottorff@pconline.com

21 (Mon): Deadline to get information in May EINBLATT (early this month with editor shift): 10 pm. Call 827-6521 or use addresses, e-mail etc. as noted under "Ongoing Information."

26 (Sat): DiversiCon meeting. 2 pm, at CityView meeting room / 1150 Hennepin Ave. (Mpls). Topic: DiversiCon 6 GoHs, dates, and rates. FFI: Eric M. Heideman at 825-9353.

This Just MAY: MinnSTF 3 & 17; Arcana mtg 4; 2d Foundation 11; StippleApa 17; SF MN Bujold reads 19

Professional News

Tor hc/tp editions of Dickson's Final Encyclopedia are revised/corrected; not straight reprint eds.

Peg Kerr Ihinger teaches "Writing Fantasy and SF" Monday nights 7 April-19 May in the U's Complete Scholar Program (#0415). Seven sessions 6:30-8:30. FFI: U at 624-8880 or Peg at 722-0819.

Science Center of Iowa (Des Moines) has exhibit STAR TREK: FEDERATION SCIENCE! running to 27 April: "40 modular displays that cover more than 6,000 square feet." FFI: (515) 247-6868

John M. Ford's "Erase/Record/Play" (from STARLIGHT 1) is on 1996 Nebula Final Ballot in novelette category. Bethke's Headcrash and Bujold's Cetaganda had made Preliminary Ballot (novel).

NONFICTION: Jack Zipes, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales, Children, and the Culture Industry, a March trade paperback from Routledge

COLLECTION REPRINT: Lois McMaster Bujold, Dreamweaver's Dilemma, Feb. tp reprint from NESFA Press

OMNIBUS: Lois McMaster Bujold, Test of Honor, hardcover 2-in-1 edition from SF Book Club

OMNIBUS REPRINT: Lois McMaster Bujold, Young Miles, trade pb on June schedule from Baen Books

NOVEL: Pegg Kerr, Emerald House Rising, on June schedule as Warner Aspect paperback Will Shetterly, Dogland, on June schedule as Tor hardcover

NOVEL SALE: Kara Dalkey, Steel Rose, turned in to Roc Carolyn Ives Gilman, Halfway Human, sold to Avon David Prill, "an untitled humorous non-fantasy novel" sold to St. Martin's

NOVEL REPRINT: Raphael Carter, The Fortunate Fall, on May schedule as Tor trade paperback

ANTHOLOGY REPRINT: Lois McMaster Bujold & Roland Green, ed., Women at War, June schedule as Tor tp

STORY REPRINT: Carl Jacobi, "Mr. Iper of Hamilton," "Sequence," and "Strangers to Strabo," all in 100 Astounding Little Alien Stories, ed. R. Weinberg etc. (Barnes & Noble hc; 1996); also "Phantom Brass" in 100 Tiny Tales of Terror (same editorial info) Howard Wandrei, "In the Triangle" & "Over Time's Threshold," 100 Tiny Tales of Terror

Personal News

CoA: Scott Raun / 3928 11th Avenue S. / Minneapolis MN 55407; same phone: 340-6031

CoA: Allen Varney has apt. # change; otherwise same: 702 Lamar Place - #308 / Austin TX 78752

Congratulations to new Minn-STF Board of Directors: Margo Bratton, Dean Gahlon, Polly Peterson, Martin Schafer, and Geri Sullivan. New officers will be announced at Minicon. The board may be reached by email at board@mnstf.org .

Local sf author Charles V. De Vet (1911-1997) died in early January. He sold about forty stories, mostly in the 1950s and early 1960s, his best known works being "Second Game" with Katherine MacLean (also published as COSMIC CHECKMATE) and Special Feature, the latter set in St. Paul. He was also a Guest of Honor at Minicon 1 and 2 and in recent years had appeared at Arcana.

April Birthdays

1: Michael Mornard; 2: Jeffrey A. Ahlstrom; 3: Jeri Pope; 6: Mike Dorn; 7: Bill Bader; Bruce Bethke; Dave Romm; 10: John M. Ford; 18: Shannon Leslie; Richard Tatge; 22: Steven Bond; Laurel Winter; 24: Oleg Volk; 28: Peg Kerr Ihinger; Theresa Roden; 29: Martin Schafer


Local and/or with locals as guests (check LOCUS or call me for more details)

Mage Con North 3 (April 25-27). Gaming. GoH: Larry Elmore, Fredd Gorham. Sioux Falls. FFI: PO Box 84828 / Sioux Falls SD 57118-4828; or Web at: http://yebb.com/~mage/page

V-Con 22/Lizardocon (April 25-27). GoH: Steven Brust. Surrey, B.C. CANADA. FFI: (604) 588-9511.

Bree Moot 3 (May 9-11). Tolkien conference. Special Guest: John Rateliffe. Radisson Metrodome and various U of MN sites. (Partial) Theme: Illustrating Tolkien. "About $20" (extra for banquet and/or tickets to Children's Theater production of The Hobbit. FFI: David Lenander at 292-8887 or e-mail to: d-lena@tc.umn.edu or: http://www.tc.umn.edu/nlhome/m391/d-lena/RIVENDELL.html

Conversion (May 16-18). GoH: Nick Pollotta, Reed Waller. Deerfield IL. $25 to 1 April to: PO Box 257795 / Chicago IL 60625-7795; or FFI: converge1@aol.com

KeyCon 14 (May 16-18). GoH: Kevin J. Anderson; Margaret Weis; Ruth Thompson. $35C to 30 April to: Keycon 14 / Box 3178 / Winnipeg MB R3C 4E7 CANADA.

WisCon 21 (May 23-26). GoH: Melissa Scott, Susanna Sturgis. $40 adult / $30 child to 30 Arpil to: PO Box 1624 / Madison WI 53701-1624. FFI: (608) 233-8850 or http://www.sf3.org/wiscon/

DucKon 6 (June 6-8). GoH include Bruce Bethke and Erin McKee. Oakbrook Hyatt (800-233-1234). $30 to 1 May to: DucKon 6 / PO Box 4843 / Wheaton IL 60189.

Ad Astra 17 (June 13-15). GoH: Steven Brust. FFI: Box 7276 - Stat. A / Toronto ONT M5W 1X9 CANADA

Convocation '97/Unicon 16 (July 18-20). GoH: Steven Brust. Cambridge, UK. FFI: Convocation / 19 Uphall Road / Cambridge CB1 3HX; or e-mail to: convocation@moose.demon.co.uk

Diversicon 5 (July 25-27). GoH: Tanya Huff, Reed Waller, and (posthumous) Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. Special Guest: Pam Keesey. Radisson South (Bloomington). $25 adult/$20 child to 4 July; then $35/30. FFI: Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Mpls MN 55408-8036; or phone to (612) 825-9353; or e-mail to: agbertke@scc.net

Arcana 1997 (Sept. 26-28). GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036 / Lake Street Station / Minneapolis MN 55408; or Kathy at (612) 484-2575 FFI.

Con*Cept '97 (Sept. 26-28). GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: Box 405 - Station H / Montreal PQ H3G 2L1 CANADA.

Archon 21 (Oct. 3-5). GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. St. Louis MO. FFI (314) 326-3026.

ICON 22 (Oct. 10-12). GoH: John M. Ford, Kaja Foglio, William "Bear" Reed. Best Western Westfield Inn (319-354-7770) in Coralville IA. FFI: PO Box 525 / Iowa City IA 52244; Gregg at (319) 338-7375; Lynda at (319) 341-8185; or: http://www.sflis.org/icon/

Conquest '97. GoH: Forrest J. Ackerman, Chris Rutkowski. Winnipeg. FFI: (204) 772-9651.

LosCon 24 (Nov. 28-30). GoH include Fan Guest Geri Sullivan. Los Angeles. $25 to LosCon 24 / c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society / 11513 Burbank Blvd / North Hollywood CA 91601.

Ongoing Information

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: (612) 824-5559.

Minicon Voice Mail at (612) 333-7533; also Web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 827-3228.

Shockwave (and) Sound Affects. Local sf radio shows. Saturdays at 6-6:30/6:30-7 on KFAI-FM (90.3).

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