Einblatt! July 1997


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4 July New Moon 1:40 p.m.

5 July: Minn-StF at Don Bailey & Margo Bratton's, 2pm on, 4736 Pleasant Ave. S. Mpls. Smoking Outside, Cats, not child-proofed, Don's Birthday Party - cake will be provided. FFI: 825-6549.

10 July Neil Gaiman appearing at Barnes & Noble, Galleria, 3225 Galleria, Edina MN. Presumably reading and signing.

11 July Campbell Award Conference at the University of Kansas. The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award (best short fiction) will also be presented.

11-13 July REFLECTIONS: 97. Sheraton Park Place Hotel, St. Louis Park, MN; 800-542-5566; $72 dbl. Reflections on the first ten years of Beauty and The Beast. Memb: $85 (includes banquet) until 6/1/97; $90 after. Info: 4806 Aldrich Ave. N., Minneapolis MN 55430; 521-9725. http://cord.iupui.edu/~tmbegley/songs/cons/rfl/rflreg.htm.

13 July Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, 2 P.M., at the home of Myrna and Sara Logan in Northfield. Due to road construction please get directions. FFI:. drgnldymn@deskmedia.com, 507-645-8716 or fax 507-645-0878.

13 July "Arts Bee" 2pm at 3236 Cedar Ave So, for those working on art and craft projects who'd like to do it in company. FFI: Laramie Sasseville 721-6076 or Marie Mayer.

18-20 July Ken Fletcher and Giovanna are having a garage and rummage sale. 3511 Lyndale Ave South, FFI: 823-8526. Friday from 6 to 9 (I presume pm) is fan preview time; the other two days the sale runs from 9 to 5.

18-20 July Convocation í97/Unicon 16. GoH: Steven Brust. Cambridge, UK. FFI: Convocation,19 Uphall Road, Cambridge CB1 3HX; convocation@moose.demon.co.uk .

19 July Midsummer Full Moon at 10:20 p.m.

19 July Minn-StF meeting, 2pm on, at Myrna Logan's, 5525 Endwood Tr., Northfield, MN, 507-645-8716, Smoking outside, dog (but not in attendance), re-modeling. Check on road conditions before departure Ė road removal is currently happening in northerly & westerly directions. Instructions may be available on the hotline and web site.

20 July Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org,

20 July Monthly Filk (music) circle, 6pm, at the home of Laramie Sasseville, 3236 Cedar Ave. S.. Singers and instrumentalists at any level of ability are welcome. FFI: Laramie 721-6076 or SSKYLARKER@ aol.com or Michelle Bottorff bottorff@pconline.com.

25 July Einblatt! deadline, 10pm sharp.

25-27 July Diversicon 5. GoH: Tanya Huff, special guests Pam Keesey, Reed Waller, (posthumous) guests Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. Radisson South (Bloomington). $25 adult/$20 child to 4 July; then $35/30. FFI: Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Mpls MN 55408-8036; or phone to (612) 825-9353; or email to: agbertke@scc.net

28 July SF Minnesota / SASE Speculations: Maureen F. McHugh reads 6:30-8:00pm at DreamHaven Books, 912 W. Lake Street Mpls. FFI: Eric Heideman 825-9353 or Greg Johnson 872-6926, glj49@idt.net.

28 July Saturn and the waning crescent Moon appear very close together at 3:45 a.m. (Just in case it's too hot to sleep.)

30 July tThe new Borders Books, Music and Cafe store, 800 W. 78th St., Richfield, MN 55423, at 7:30pm, will host a joint appearance/ discussion/ autographing by Lois McMaster Bujold, Peg Kerr, Elise Matthesen, Joel Rosenberg, and Patricia C. Wrede. FFI: 869-6245.

2 Aug Minn-StF at Laramie Sasseville's, 2pm on, 3236 Cedar Ave. S., 721-6076, Smoking outside & on porch, rabbit, not childproof.

9 Aug Stipple-Apa collation, 2pm, Cat Whisker Ranch, 1735 Rome Avenue, Saint Paul, home of Judie Cilcain and David S. Cargo. FFI: Judie at 699-7676

10 Aug Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

14 Sep Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

15 Sep Minicon 33 Programming ideas first deadline.

12 Oct Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

9 Nov Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

1 Dec Minicon 33 Programming ideas final deadline.


COA: FEDOGAN & BREMER (publishers), 3721 Minnehaha Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55406, tel: 612-721-8848, fax: 612-721-9491, email: fedbrem@visi.com

COA: David Wilford, 137 Marston Ave., Eau Claire, WI 5401-3911, (715) 835-3574

COA: &y&a, 1412 McKinley St., Saint Paul, MN 55108, (612) 645-0492.

Jeanne Mealy and John Stanley are looking for memberships to LoneStarCon 2 (this yearís Worldcon). FFI: 224-1289.

We regret to inform you of the death of Mary (Mrs. William) Wixon, mother of Dave Wixon, June 1.

Publishing News

The Hugo Awards ballot includes: Best Novel: Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen). Best short story: "The Dead", (Minicon 32 GoH) Michael Swanwick (Starlight 1). Best non-fiction book: The Silence of the Langford, (Minicon 33 GoH) Dave Langford (NESFA Press). Best editor: (Minicon 32 GoH) Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor). Best fanzine: Ansible, ed. Dave Langford. Best fan writer: Dave Langford. John W. Campbell Award: Raphael Carter (The Fortunate Fall, Tor hc.

Permeable Press has publishd Flying Saucers over Hennepin: A Novel About an Avenue, by Peter Gelman, who either lived or lives in Minneapolis.

DreamHaven Books has published On Cats & Dogs: Two Tales, by Neil Gaiman (tp, 25pp). Some proceeds go to Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Donald Wandreiís Donít Dream includes an introduction by his friend and St. Paul neighbor Helen Mary Hughesdon, an afterword by D.H. Olson, and interior illustrations by (former local) Roger Gerberding.

Yearís Best Science Fiction: 14th Annual Collection, ed. (Minicon 33 guest) Gardner Dozois (Tor hc&tp 1997) lists many "honorable mentions" with local connections: From Tales of the Unanticipated #16, "The Small Black Box of Morality", Eleanor Arnason, and "Welcome, Kid, to the Real World", L. Timmel Duchamp. "The Dogís Story", Eleanor Arnason (Asimovís, May 1996). "The Road to Reality", Phillip C. Jennings (Asimovís, March 1996). "What Dogs Hunt in Their Dreams", Kij Johnson (Buried Treasures, ed. Jerry Oltien, Eugene Professional Writersí Workshop, 1996).

"Erase/Record/Play", John M. Ford (Starlight 1) is a finalist for the 1997 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial award.

Emerald House Rising, Peg Kerr's first novel (Warner Aspect pb), was 7th on the Locus List for May 1997. The book was officially published in June.

Freedom & Necessity, Steven Brust & Emma Bull (Tor hc) is #5 on the June Locus hardcover bestseller list (after being #4 in May).

Heart Chaser, Thomas Locke (Bethany House tp). No publication date given.

May: "Read Me a Story", Elise Matthesen (Lavender, May 9 1997) Elise has a story or so each month in Lavender, but most have no SF connection so I donít try to list them all..

June: News From the Edge: The Monster of Minnesota, Mark Sumner (Ace). Young Miles, Lois McMaster Bujold (hc tp r omnibus). Soothslayer, D.J. Conway (Llewellyn tp). Women at War, ed. Lois McMaster Bujold & Roland J. Green (Tor r tp anth). Dogland, Will Shetterly (Tor hc). The Wolf in the Garden, Alfred H. Bill (Delectus UK r hc). Bill (1879-1964) lived in Faribault and St. Paul at various times of his life).

July: Ethan of Athos, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen pb r). Goa, Kara Dalkey (Tor pb r). The Dragon and the Gnarly King, Gordon R. Dickson (Tor hc). Ronin, D.A. Heeley (Llewellyn tp). Ethan of Athos, Lois McMaster Bujold (Tor pb r). The Lifeship, Harry Harrison & Gordon R. Dickson (Severn House hc r). The Civilization Game and other stories, Clifford Simak (Severn House, hc coll).

Locus announced Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary, Pamela Dean (Tor hc) for July, but it has been delayed until later.

Aug: Exorcisms and Ecstasies, Karl Edward Wagner (Fedogan&Bremer hc coll).

Laurel Winter has a poem"How to Make Love to a Shark" in the August 97 issue of Asimov's

Sept: The Door Below, Hugh B. Cave (Fedogan&Bremer hc coll).

Oct: The Sand Dwellers, Adam Niswander (Fedogan&Bremer hc). Dark Detectives, Stephen Jones (ed.) (Fedogan&Bremer hc anth). Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen pb r).

Nate Bucklin's song "New Life" will be appearing on a new Kathy Mar album, My Favorite Sings, sometime around the end of 1997.

Nov: The Magicianís Ward, Patricia C. Wrede (Tor hc). Shadows Over Lyra, Patricia C. Wrede (Tor tp). Headcrash 2.0, Bruce Bethke (Orbit pb).

Dec: Freedom & Necessity, Steven Brust & Emma Bull (Tor pb r).

Jan 1998: The Dragon and the Djinn, Gordon R. Dickson (Ace pb r)

Feb 1998: Halfway Human, Carolyn Ives Gilman (Avon pb).

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue. 


July: 1: Corwin Brust; 2: Neeters Hollister; 3: Jonathan Adams; Dave Crawford; 4: Don Bailey; Kris Spiesz; 5: Laurel Krahn; 8: Doug Friauf; 14: Lalee Kerr; 15: Kay Roberts; 16: Chuck Holst; 17: Floyd Henderson; 18: Eleanor Fregni; 21: Geri Sullivan; 25: Ann Ledden; 27: Polly Peterson; 28: John Johnson. 


8-10 Aug CONFLUENCE '97 GoH: Steven Brust. Memb: $20 until 6/30/97, $28 after. PO Box 3681, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3681; 412-344-0236, parsec-home@netcom.com, http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/roboman/Confluence97.html .

28 AugĖ1 Sep LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon. PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755-2277, vox 512-472-9944, fax 512-472-4290, http://www.io.com/~lsc2. $135 until 31 July 1997.

26-28 Sep Arcana 1997. GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408. FFI: Kathy at (612) 484-2575.

26-28 Sep Con*Cept í97. GoHs include Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: Box 405 - Station H, Montreal PQ H3G 2L1 CANADA.

3-5 Oct Archon 21 GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. St. Louis MO. FFI (314) 326-3026.

10-12 Oct ICON 22. GoHs: John M. Ford, Kaja Foglio, William "Bear" Reed. Best Western Westfield Inn (319-354-7770) in Coralville IA. FFI: PO Box 525, Iowa City IA 52244; Gregg at (319) 338-7375; Lynda at (319) 341-8185; http://www.sflis.org/icon.

7-9 Nov WINDYCON XXIV. Hyatt Regency Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL. Info: Windycon XXIV, PO Box 184, Palatine, IL 60078-0184; ramchip@xnet.com, http://www.xnet.com/~ramchip/windy.html.

28-30 Nov Visions '97 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. GoH: large media lineup. http://www.xnet.com/~tardis/visions.html.

28-30 Nov LosCon 24. GoHs include Fan Guest Geri Sullivan. Los Angeles. $30 to LosCon 24 / c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society / 11513 Burbank Blvd / North Hollywood CA 91601. http://www.lasfs.org/loscon24 , email loscon24@lasfs.org.

18-21 Mar 1998 IAFA Conference on the Fantastic. Guest Writer Lois McMaster Bujold.

10-12 Apr 1998 Minicon 33. GoHs include Dave Langford, Gardner Dozois, Toastmaster John M. Ford. $30 until 1-Sep-97. PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Mpls MN 55408. Voicemail +1-612-333-7533, http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33, email request@minicon33.mnstf.org.

8-13 July MYTHCON XXIX. Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Theme: C.S. Lewis: A Centenary Celebration. Memb: $65 until 8/1/97, $75 after; children 7-13: $30. Info: Mythcon XXIX, PO Box 6707, Altadena, CA 91003; dglyer@apu.edu, http://home.earthlink.net/~emfarrell/mythsoc/conferences.html.

5-9 Aug 1998: BucConeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, http://www.bucconeer.worldcon.org, baltimore98@access.digex.net, P. O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA. $110 until 30 Sep 1997 

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