Einblatt! September 1997


New moon1 SepNew Moon 6:52 pm

2 Sep Moon at apogee (252,573 miles) at 3:57 pm

6 Sep 1 pm. Worldbuilding Society. Topic: Faster Than Light travel methods. Gabe's (still listed in the phonebook as Boomer's), 912 Central Ave. SE., Mpls. To find us, look for people with books. FFI: Dan 871-5461, dsgood@visi.com .

6 Sep Minn-StF meeting, 3928 11th Ave. S. Hosted 2pm-6pm by Margo Bratton, 6pm-whenever by Scott Raun. Smoking on porch and in back yard, no common allergens, not childproof.

6 Sep Minneapa collation, at the Minn-StF meeting.

6 Sep Diversicon meeting, 2pm, at Sybil Smith's, 3616 10th Ave. S. Mpls. Topics: 1998 special guest. FFI: Eric 825-9353, Sybil 823-6203.

6 Sep 1 pm. Worldbuilding Society. Topic: Faster Than Light travel methods. Gabe's (still listed in the phonebook as Boomer's), 912 Central Ave. SE., Mpls. To find us, look for people with books. FFI: Dan 871-5461, dsgood@visi.com .

7 Sep Ladies’ Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, 3026 36th Ave. S. Mpls, 722-2271. RSVP in case alternate site used.

9 Sep The Neverwhere authorless signing; Borders will be showing the whole 3 hours of the original BBC TV series, and the half-hour long Neil Gaiman interview that follows it, and will have signed copies of the novel for sale. 1501 Plymouth Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55305. FFI: (612) 595-0977

11 Sep J.V. Jones signs and reads from The Barbed Coil from 4:30 to 6:30pm at Uncle Hugo’s.

14 Sep Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

15 Sep Minicon 33 Programming ideas first deadline.

Full moon 16 Sep Full Moon 1:50 pm; also Moon at perigee (221,810 miles)

16 Sep Arcana meeting, 7:30pm, at O’Gara’s, Selby & Snelling in St. Paul. FFI: Eric 825-9353.

16-20 Sep Mercury reaches its highest points in the eastern morning sky on the 16th (at 6:06 am) through the 20th (at 6:13 am), but even then is only about 7.5 degrees above the horizon.

18 Sep Minn-StF Board meeting at Courts of Chaos, 3rd Floor. 7 pm. 2609 3rd Ave. S. Discussion topics include Minicon 34, survey results.

20 Sep Minn-StF meeting, 2:30pm on, at the home of Carol Kennedy and Jonathan Adams. Cats, no smoking, children, not childproof.

20 Sep Stipple-Apa collation, at the Minn-StF meeting.

20 Sep Rivendell Group Hobbits' Birthday Party in Fridley at the home of Margaret & Dick Gates, FFI: 292-8887, d-lena@tc.umn.edu.

20 Sep Party for Karen Schaffer & Mike Ward 8 pm at the home of Barb Jensen & David Emerson, 3435 Columbus Ave. S., 822-9172

21 Sep Monthly open filk circle, 6pm at Laramie's place: 3236 Cedar Ave. S.Mpls. FFI: 721-6076. Cat, not child-proof.

22 Sep Speculations Readings Series, Bruce Bethke. 6:30pm, DreamHaven Books, 912 W. Lake St. Mpls. FFI: Greg, 872-6926; Eric, 825-9353.

26 Sep Einblatt! Deadline, 10pm sharp!.

26-28 Sep Arcana 1997. GoH: Neil Gaiman. $20 to 1 Sept. to: PO Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408. FFI: Kathy at (612) 484-2575.

26-28 Sep Con*Cept ’97. GoHs include Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: Box 405 - Station H, Montreal PQ H3G 2L1 CANADA.

28 Sep Rivendell group discussion with Neil Gaiman of a book or books by James Branch Cabell at Arcana, at noon. FFI: David 292-8887, Kathy 484-2575.

28 Aug–1 Sep LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon. PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755-2277, vox 512-472-9944, fax 512-472-4290, http://www.io.com/~lsc2. $135 until 31 July 1997.

4 Oct 1 pm. Worldbuilding Society. Topic not yet chosen.

12 Oct Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

9 Nov Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, Painter Park Building, 34th & Lyndale Ave S Mpls. FFI: exec@minicon33.mnstf.org.

1 Dec Minicon 33 Programming ideas final deadline.


The reading period for Tales of the Unanticipated #19 (a general, non-theme issue) is 1-Sep through 1-Oct 1997. For guidelines write Tales of the Unanticipated, P.O. Box 8036, Minneapolis MN 55408, or call Eric, 825-9353.

COA: Joyce Maetta Odum has an email address, maetta@aol.com.

COA: Steve Perry, 1480 N. Albert St., St. Paul, MN 55108, 612-645-6031, SteveP12@aol.com .

COA: Ann Totusek, 1148 22nd St., Des Moines IA, (515) 280-7311.

COA: Laurraine Tutihasi, ltutihasi@aol.com, 29217 Stonecrest Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275-4936.

COA: Jim Young’s email address is now jmy73@aol.com.

Beth Friedman is thinking about doing another run of Minn-stF Mover T-shirts. If you want one, notify her at bjf@wavefront.com or 721-8800. They'll cost $10 or so -- larger sizes are a bit extra.

Einblatt regrets to announce the death on 25-Sep. of Carl R. Jacobi, a founding member of the Minneapolis Fantasy Society and prolific pulp writer in the 1930’s.

The Minn-stf Board thanks the 44 people who responded to the Minn-stf Minicon Survey before the August Board meeting and encourages all Minn-stf members who have not yet responded to do so before the September 18 meeting. The Board has also started calling people in the hope of increasing the response rate. For additional survey forms or information, call Geri Sullivan, 825-3558.

Publishing news

Terri Garey’s poem "Spotting UFOs While Canning Tomatoes" (Serve It Forth: Cooking With Anne McCaffrey) has been nominated for a Rhysling award.

Soothslayer, D.J. Conway (Llewellyn tp) published in June.

Bruce Coville’s Book of Magic II, ed. Bruce Coville (Scholastic/Apple tp anth) contains "The Cinders Case" by Patricia C. Wrede. Published in June.

Ronin, D.A. Heeley (Llewellyn tp) published in June.

The book release party for Peg Kerr’s Emerald House Rising (Warner Aspect pb) is pictured in the August ’97 Locus.

The Locus poll results as reported in the August issue include Memory and Cetaganda by Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen) in positions 3 and 4 for Best SF Novel, The Fortunate Fall, Raphael Carter (Tor) at 4 for Best First Novel, "The Dog’s Story", Eleanor Arnason (Asimov’s 5/96) at 6 for Best Novelette, Dreamweaver’s Dilemma, Lois McMaster Bujold (NESFA) at 5 for Best Collection, Over the River & through the Woods, Clifford D. Simak (Tachyon) at 11 for Best Collection, and Before…12:01…and After, Richard Lupoff (Fedogan & Bremer) at 18 for Best Collection.

The Locus Bestseller list from the August issue lists Young Miles, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen) at 10 on the hardcover list and Emerald House Rising, Peg Kerr (Warner Aspect) at 7 on the paperback list.

One of the Susan C. Petrey Scholarships to Clarion and Clarion West was awarded to David Hoffman-Dachet of Minneapolis.

"The Road to Reality", Phillip C. Jennings, was #9 for bet novella in Asimov’s Sicence Fiction’s 11th annual Readers’ Award poll.

A college course devoted to the fiction of Stephen Lawhead will be taught this fall at North Central Bible College in Minnesota.

Deep Thoughts: Proceedings of Life, the Universe, & Everything XIII, February 1-4, 1995, ed. Steve Setzer & Marny K. Parkin (pamphlet) includes the text of a presentation by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Emerald House Rising, Peg Kerr (Warner) is going back to press for a second edition.

Sept: The Door Below, Hugh B. Cave (Fedogan&Bremer hc coll).

Oct: The Sand Dwellers, Adam Niswander (Fedogan&Bremer hc). Dark Detectives, Stephen Jones (ed.) (Fedogan&Bremer hc anth). Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen pb r).

Nate Bucklin's song "New Life" will be appearing on a new Kathy Mar album, My Favorite Sings, sometime around the end of 1997.

Nov: The Magician’s Ward, Patricia C. Wrede (Tor hc). Shadows Over Lyra, Patricia C. Wrede (Tor tp). Headcrash 2.0, Bruce Bethke (Orbit pb).

Dec: Freedom & Necessity, Steven Brust & Emma Bull (Tor pb r).

Jan 1998: The Dragon and the Djinn, Gordon R. Dickson (Ace pb r)

Feb 1998: Halfway Human, Carolyn Ives Gilman (Avon pb).

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue.


September: 5: Sharon Kahn; 6: Greg Foss; 7: Michael A. Zalar; 8: Louie Spooner Trainor; 12: Jean Mornard; 16: Jane Hausfeld; Kris Jensen; 17: Barbara Geraud; Kathy Routliffe; 19: Laramie Sasseville; 21: David Dyer-Bennet; 22: Dave Wixon; 23: Matthew B. Tepper; 26: Michael Flowers; Lon Levy; Denny Lien; Mark Richards; 27: Jeanne Mealy; 29: Eileen Lufkin; Anne Miller; 30: Jon Singer


3-5 Oct Archon 21 GoH include Lois McMaster Bujold. St. Louis MO. FFI (314) 326-3026.

10-12 Oct ICON 22. GoHs: John M. Ford, Kaja Foglio, William "Bear" Reed, TM: Rusty Hevelin. Best Western Westfield Inn (319-354-7770) in Coralville IA. FFI: PO Box 525, Iowa City IA 52244; Gregg at (319) 338-7375; Lynda at (319) 341-8185; http://www.sflis.org/icon.

30 Oct – 2 Nov World Fantasy Convention ’97. Membership £100 in advance. Limited to 750 memberships. Box 31, Whitby North Yorkshire, YO24YL UK. http://www.farrsite.com/wfc/wfc4.htm .

7-9 Nov WINDYCON XXIV. Hyatt Regency Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL. Info: Windycon XXIV, PO Box 184, Palatine, IL 60078-0184; ramchip@xnet.com, http://www.xnet.com/~ramchip/windy.html.

28-30 Nov Visions '97 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. GoH: large media lineup. http://www.xnet.com/~tardis/visions.html.

28-30 Nov LosCon 24. GoHs include Fan Guest Geri Sullivan. Los Angeles. $30 to LosCon 24 / c/o Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society / 11513 Burbank Blvd / North Hollywood CA 91601. http://www.lasfs.org/loscon24 , email loscon24@lasfs.org.

18-21 Mar 1998 IAFA Conference on the Fantastic. Guest Writer Lois McMaster Bujold.

10-12 Apr 1998 Minicon 33. GoHs include Dave Langford, Gardner Dozois, Toastmaster John M. Ford. $30 until 1-Sep-97. PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Mpls MN 55408. Voicemail +1-612-333-7533, http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33, email request@minicon33.mnstf.org.

8-13 July MYTHCON XXIX. Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Theme: C.S. Lewis: A Centenary Celebration. Memb: $65 until 8/1/97, $75 after; children 7-13: $30. Info: Mythcon XXIX, PO Box 6707, Altadena, CA 91003; dglyer@apu.edu, http://home.earthlink.net/~emfarrell/mythsoc/conferences.html.

24-26 July 1998 Diversicon 6. GoH Karen Joy Fowler, Posthumous GoH: James. Tiptree, Jr., Dr. Seuss. $20 adult / $15 child until 31-Oct-97, $25/$20 until 4-Jul-98, $35/$30 at the door. P.O. Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408.

5-9 Aug 1998: BucConeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, http://www.bucconeer.worldcon.org, baltimore98@access.digex.net, P. O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA. $110 until 30 Sep 1997

Ongoing information

Board of Directors: Margo Bratton, Dean Gahlon, Polly Peterson, Martin Schafer, and Geri Sullivan. Email board@mnstf.org . Subject to verification at the previous meeting, the board meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at Courts of Chaos.

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: (612) 824-5559; web: http://www.mnstf.org/mnstf.

Minicon Voice Mail at (612) 333-7533; web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 827-3228.

Shockwave (and) Sound Affects. Local SF radio shows. Saturdays at 6-6:30/6:30-7 on KFAI-FM (90.3).

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