Einblatt! December 1997


1 Dec Minicon 33 Programming ideas final deadline.

1 Dec Arcana meeting, 7:30 p.m. Kathy Youker's, 2735 Rice Street, St. Paul. FFI Kathy, 484-2575 or Eric, 825-9353.

5-7 Dec Smofcon 15, Boston MA. A con devoted to convention running.

6 Dec Minn-StF meeting, 2pm on at Doug and Yoo-Jin Wickstrom's, 3300 Louisiana Ave. N., Crystal. Cross-streets are 36th Ave N and Medicine Lake Road. FFI: 533-7103. Free-range Cat, not childproof, smoking in (attached) garage, no heavy shoes or shoes that have been worn outside, preferably nothing heavier than socks. Please feel free to park in the driveway if there's room.

6 Dec RIVENDELL discussion in Coffman Union room 327. "Readings from Rivendell", our annual reading of original stories by members. FFI: d-lena@maroon.tc.umn.edu, 292-8887.

7 Dec Informal writers meeting, 1 pm, at the Coffee Gallery, 715 Franklin Ave. W., Mpls. I'll be wearing a nametag, probably from a past Minicon; I'll most likely be in the nonsmoking section, but am willing to move into the smoking section. FFI: Dan Goodman, 871-5461 or dsgood@visi.com.

7 Dec Second Foundation meeting, 2 p.m., Andrew Addleman's 2211 Elliott Ave. S., Mpls, Topic: People Read Favorite Stories (out loud) By People Other Than Themselves. FFI: Andrew 870-1272, or Eric, 825-9353.

Full MoonDec 13 Full Moon, 8:37 pm.

13 Dec Stipple-ation at Giovanna Fregni / Ken Fletcher /David Cummer's, 3511 Lyndale Ave. S., 2pm. FFI: Judie 699-7676.

13 Dec Lois McMaster Bujold and Patricia C. Wrede autograph at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore, 2864 Chicago Ave.

S. Mpls. from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. FFI: 824-6347.

13 Dec Worldbuilding Society. 1 pm. Fowl Play, 1301 East 4th St., Mpls. (Dinkytown.) Topic: Genetics. FFI: Dan Goodman, dsgood@visi.com, 871-5461.

13 Dec Book publication party (Post Exposure, Focal Press), noon-midnight, at Ctein and Paula's, 42 Skyline Drive, Daly City CA 94015. FFI: 71246.216@compuserve.com. Not childproof or even close, not wheelchair accessible, birds. Please try to send email if you know in advance you're coming.

13 Dec SF Minnesota meeting, 2pm, Painter Park building, 34th & Lyndale in South Mpls. Topic: Future projects. Followed at 5pm by holiday party at Erin Lorenz's, 2990 E. 85th St., Inver Grove Heights. FFI: Eric 825-9353, Erin 455-5636.

14-Dec Minicon 33 meeting, 2pm, at the Painter Park building (34th & Lyndaly in South Mpls).

14-Dec Deadline for suggesting Minicon 34 guests, see announcement.

15 Dec Speculations Readings Series, co-sponsored by SF Minnesota and S.A.S.E. Featured reader: Patricia C. Wrede. 6:30-8pm Dreamhaven Books, 912 W. Lake Street, Mpls, FFI: Greg, 872-6926 or Eric, 825-9353.

18 Dec Minn-StF Board meets at 7 pm at Eileen Lufkin's, 2609 3rd Ave. S., top floor. FFI: board@mnstf.org, Fred 729-5404, Eileen 729-5316.

20 Dec Minn-StF meeting, 2pm on at Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz', 3553 Pleasant Ave. S. Mpls. Cats, not childproof, smoking outside. FFI: 827-1775, dean@visi.com .

20-21 Dec The Duck Soup Art Studio Solstice Sale. 11am - 7pm. 2401 University Ave., Suite 504, St. Paul. This will be an art show featuring pottery, jewelry, gemstones, and art, featuring work by Michael Huyck, Giovanna Fregni, Mary O'Rourke, and Ken Fletcher. FFI: 659-6518.

21 Dec Winter Solstice. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter form "an eye-catching lineup in the evening sky".

28 Dec Einblatt! Deadline, 10pm sharp!

28 Dec Filk Circle, 6pm at the home of Laramie Sasseville, 3236 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. FFI: SSKYLARKER@aol.com, 721-6076. Everyone is welcome-including listeners; singing is not obligatory.

New moon Dec 29 New Moon, 10:56 am.

31 Dec Minn-StF New Year's Eve party and meeting, 7pm on (note unusual time), Courts of Chaos, 2609 3rd Ave. S. Mpls. FFI: 872-9793, schafer@minn.net . (in lieu of 3 Jan 98 meeting).

1 Jan 98 New Year's Day Hair-of-the-Dog party/open house, 2:30pm until whenever. Larry Sanderson's, 519 West 27th St. Mpls. FFI: Larry_Sanderson@msn.com, 872-8468. Not childproofed.

3 Jan 98 NO Minn-StF meeting, see 31 Dec 97.

10 Jan 1998 Worldbuilding Society. 1 pm. Place not yet chosen. Topic: Family life in 2098. FFI: Dan Goodman, dsgood@visi.com, 871-5461.

For The Record

A Minn-StF directory is supposed to be distributed with Einblatt twice a year. However, the OTML is currently in no shape to produce a directory, so we haven't. I have not been given a date for when to expect a directory.

Supercon has advertised slightly incorrect dates; the actual dates are 23-25 Jan 1998.


Minicon 34 is soliciting suggestions for guest of honor categories, and for guests of honor. Email guests@minicon34.mnstf.org, or snail mail to Minicon 34 guests, 3721 Blaisdell Ave. S., Mpls MN 55409, by 14-Dec-97.

COA: John Stanley & Jeanne Mealy, 1595 E. Hoyt Ave., St. Paul, MN 55106.

COA: John Slade, 1005 Conway St., St. Paul, MN 55106

COA: David Wilford, 137 Marston Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701-3911, (715)-835-3574.

Publishing News

"The SF Novel as an Alien Art Form: C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner Series", Greg L. Johnson (November 1997 issue of The New York Review Of Science Fiction).

More Amazing Stories, ed. Kim Mohan (Tor 1998 tp?) will include "The Gauze Banner" by Eleanor Arnason and "Visitors" by the late L.A. Taylor.

Nate Bucklin's song "New Life" will be appearing on a new Kathy Mar album, My Favorite Sings, sometime around the end of 1997.

Post Exposure, Ctein (Focal Press tp). Technical book on photographic printing.

Dec: Freedom & Necessity, Steven Brust & Emma Bull (Tor pb r). Isaac Asimov's Christmas ed. Gardner Dozois & Sheila Williams (Ace pb). The Dragon and the Djinn, Gordon R. Dickson (Ace pb r). Steel Rose by Kara Dalkey (Penguin/ROC pb). "Tomorrow Tea", Laurel Winter (F&SF). "why goldfish shouldn't use power tools", Laurel Winter (Asimov's).

Jan 1998: The Dragon and the Djinn, Gordon R. Dickson (Ace pb r)

Feb 1998: Halfway Human, Carolyn Ives Gilman (Avon pb). Dying for It ed. Gardner Dozois (SFBC hc r).

Mar 1998: Headcrash 2.0 by Bruce Bethke (Orbit UK pb).

Apr 1998: Clones! Ed. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (Ace pb anth). Bijapur by Kara Dalkey (Tor pb r). The September Locus lists Pamela Dean's Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary for this month, but Pamela's latest information says it's scheduled for June.

May 1998: Isaac Asimov's Christmas ed. Gardner Dozois & Sheila Williams (Ace pb coll). The Dragon and the Gnarly King by Gordon R. Dickson (Tor pb r).

June 1998: Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary by Pamela Dean (Tor hc) (although Locus lists this book for Apr 1998). Dogland by Will Shetterly (Tor tp r).

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue.


2: Martin McClure; 3: Lynn Anderson; 4: Marti Bancroft, Jerry Corwin, Felicia Herman; 5: Tom Grewe; 10: Laura Krentz; 11: Reen Brust; Ken Fletcher; Ruth Odren; David Wilford; 12: Joan Marie Verba; 13: Emma Bull; 15: Garth Danielson; Scott Raun; 22: Jane Strauss; 23: Dean Gahlon; 24: Karen Johnson; 25: Eric Forste; 31: Jan Appelbaum; Erik Baker


23-25 Jan 1998 Supercon. Many fan guests listed. $25 (adult) until 1-Dec-97. At the Comfort Inn, Rochester MN, 507-281-2211. FFI: PO Box 14355, Dinkytown Station, Mpls MN 55414. Nstohlma@tiny.net .

18-21 Mar 1998 IAFA Conference on the Fantastic. Guest Writer Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: IAFA, College of the Humanities, 500 NW 20th HU50 B-9, Florida Atlantic U., Boca Raton FL 33431, (954) 475-6747.

9-12 Apr 1998 Norwescon 21. GoH: Neil Gaiman. FFI: Box 24207, Seattle WA 98124, http://www.webwitch.com/norwescon.html.

10-12 Apr 1998 Minicon 33. GoHs include Dave Langford, Gardner Dozois, Toastmaster John M. Ford. $35 until 1-Mar-98, $70 at the door. FFI: PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Mpls MN 55408. Voicemail +1-612-333-7533, http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33, request@minicon33.mnstf.org.

23-27 Apr 1998 Swancon 23 GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: GPO Box G429, Perth WA 6841 Australia, http://www.gu.uwa.edu.au/swancon/.

1-3 May Marcon 3.3 (sic) GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: (614) 475-8181, info@marcon.org.

15-17 May Keycon 15 GoHs: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas, Connie Lyon. Membership $C30 to 31-Dec, $C40 to 30-Apr, $C50 at door. At the Ramada Marlborough, room C$70 single/double. FFI: Keycon 15, Box 3178, Winnipeg MB R3C 4E6 Canada.

8-13 July MYTHCON XXIX. Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Theme: C.S. Lewis: A Centenary Celebration. Memb: $65 until 8/1/97, $75 after; children 7-13: $30. Info: Mythcon XXIX, PO Box 6707, Altadena, CA 91003; dglyer@apu.edu, http://home.earthlink.net/~emfarrell/mythsoc/conferences.html.

24-26 July 1998 Diversicon 6. GoH Karen Joy Fowler, Posthumous GoH: James Tiptree, Jr., Dr. Seuss. $20 adult / $15 child until 31-Oct-97, $25/$20 until 4-Jul-98, $35/$30 at the door. P.O. Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408.

5-9 Aug 1998: BucConeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, http://www.bucconeer.worldcon.org, bucconeer@bucconeer.worldcon.org, P. O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA. $130 until 15 Jun 1998

25-27 Sep 1998 Arcana, GoH: Joe Lansdale. $20 until Labor Day, 1998. P.O. Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Mpls, MN 55408

16-18 Oct 1998 ICON 23 GoH: Charles DeLint.

13-15 Nov 1998 Orycon 20 GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold. FFI: Box 5703, Portland OR 97228, (503) 283-0802, jlorentz@spiritone.com.

Ongoing Information

Board of Directors: Margo Bratton, Dean Gahlon, Polly Peterson, Martin Schafer, and Geri Sullivan. Email board@mnstf.org . Subject to verification at the previous meeting, the board meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at Courts of Chaos.

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: (612) 824-5559; web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/mnstf.

Minicon Voice Mail at (612) 333-7533; web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon33.

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 827-3228.

Shockwave (and) Sound Affects. Local SF radio shows. Saturdays at 6-6:30/6:30-7 on KFAI-FM (90.3).

Einblatt is posted on Usenet groups rec.arts.sf.fandom (and) alt.fandom.misc (and) mn.general // Einblatt from July 95 to date is on the web at http://www.mnstf.org/einblatt/.

Einblatt is edited by David Dyer-Bennet, with the assistance of Denny Lien (publishing news and conventions) and Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet (astronomical information).

Einblatt is a monthly publication of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, devoted to news of the local SF community. E-mail same to einblatt@mnstf.org, or send to ddb, 3721 Blaisdell Ave. S., Mpls MN 55409; or call me at (612) 827-6521 /// Next deadline is 10 pm sharp on Wednesday, 28 December 1997.