Einblatt! July 1998


July 4, Minn-StF Meeting, 2pm at Steve & Liz's, 3248 Portland Ave. S., Mpls. Current plans are for setting up some grills out back for dinner. It'll be a bring-your-own dead-flesh thing, with drinks and munchies provided. Some of us will be walking over to the park for fireworks in the evening.

July 5, CONvergence Pre-Anniversary Party, Place and time TBD. Specifics were announced at the June 6th Open Meeting.

July 8-13, MYTHCON XXIX. Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Theme: C.S. Lewis: A Centenary Celebration. Memb: $65 until 8/1/97, $75 after; children 7-13: $30. Info: Mythcon XXIX, PO Box 6707, Altadena, CA 91003; dglyer@apu.edu , http://home.earthlink.net/~emfarrell/mythsoc/conferences.html.

July 9, Full Moon

July 11, Borderlands, playing at Dunn Bros on Lake St., Mpls 7:30-9:30, FFI: Borderlandz@yahoo.com

July 11, Worldbuilding Society. Topic: When technology does all the work, what will we do? 1pm, Fowl Play, 1301 Fourth St. SE, MPLS MN USA. FFI: dsgood@visi.com , Dan Goodman at 871-5461.

July 10-12, Concussion 3, Omaha NE. FFI: http://www.binary.net/conc/.

July 18, Minn-StF Meeting, Myrna Logan's, 5525 Endwood Trail, Northfield. FFI: 1 507-645-8716

July 18-19, CONvergence Garage Sale, 161 S. Finn St., St. Paul (Finn & Fairmont), 9-4 p.m. Sat, 11-4 p.m. Sun

July 20, Minn-StF Board of Directors meeting, 7pm at Margo Bratton's house, 4736 Pleasant Ave. S. Mpls.

July 23, New Moon

July 24-26, Diversicon 6, Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington MN. GoH: Karen Joy Fowler, Special Guest: Pat Murphy, Posthumous GoHs: James Tiptree, Jr., Dr. Seuss. $25 adult / $20 child (2-12) until 4-Jul-98, $35/$30 at the door. P.O. Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408. FFI: Eric, 825-9353.

July 25, August Einblatt! deadline, midnight.

August 2, Minicon 34 meeting at our new hotel, the downtown Hilton! 2pm.

August 18, Minn-StF Board of Directors meeting, 7pm at Margo Bratton's house, 4736 Pleasant Ave. S. Mpls.

Betsy Lundsten and Nathan Stohlmann were married on May 16th in St. Paul.

May 27, 1998, 7:25 am, Eleanor Margaret was born to Marianne Hageman and Mike Dorn. Best wishes!

Scott Raun is compiling a new Mn-Stf directory. Contact him at : Scott Raun 3928 11th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55407 612-822-0451 sraun@iaxs.net for corrections or removal or witholding of: Name, Address (street, city, state, zip) Home & Work Phone numbers, e-mail, address, Day of Birth (we have traditionally just done month & day, not year.

The youngest recognized author within the Science Fiction literature to date is Adelino dos Santos Abreu, author of "VOYAGE" written in 1966 at the age of only 14 - 15. Adelino dos Santos Abreu, E-mail: ghaba@sol.com.br

Publishing News
July Immortals! Ed. Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (Ace pb anth). Keepers of the Hidden Ways, Book Two: The Silver Stone, Joel Rosenberg (Avon pb r). Whispers in the Night, Basil Copper (Fedogan & Bremer hc).

Aug Isaac Asimov's Detectives ed Gardner Dozois & Sheila Williams (Ace pb anth).

Jerry Stearns' outline of radio sound effects, "The Sounds The Thing", was published in the Spring 1998 Journal of the Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop. And it has been picked up to be reprinted in a summer issue of Radio World magazine.

Wrath of the Fanglord= now available. Edited by Dave Langford and published by Minicon 33 in honor of Dave's Fan GoHship. Copies are available from Geri Sullivan for $3 each ($5 via mail order, including postage.) Spiff cover art by Steve Stiles. Material by Terry Pratchett, Bob Shaw, Chris Priest, Peter Nicholls, Tom Holt, Ian Watson, D. West, Patrick Parrinder, Colin Fine, Nick Lowe, Atom, Margaret Welbank, and Dave Langford. 52 photo-copied pages+front cover. Proceeds to Minicon 33. See Geri or call 825-3558.

Laurel Winter has a poem ("egg horror poem") in the July 98 ASIMOV'S and a short story ("Fighting Gravity") in the September MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION.

YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: 15th ANNUAL COLLECTION ed. Gardner Dozois includes a story by ex-local Carolyn Ives Gilman ("Frost Painting" from the anthology BENDING THE LANDSCAPE). Additionally, the "Honorable Mentions 1997" section cites two stories by locals --"The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories" by Neil Gaiman (from BEYOND IMAGINATION) and "The Runaways" by Philip C. Jennings (from the Feb 1997 ASIMOV'S), plus five stories from TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED: from #17: Robert J. Levy, "The Downsizing," and R. Neube, "Beggars Can Be Choosers" and from #18: Stephen Dedman, "The Dance That Everyone Must Do," Martha A. Hood, "Siv's New Life," and Gerard Daniel Hourarner, "Spider Goes to Market"

Rhysling Winners
The Science Fiction Poetry Association has announced the winners of the 1996 and 1997 Rhysling Awards. The award is given to the best long and short genre poem published in the previous year. Both the 1996 and 1997 winners were announced this year because the SFPA skipped 1996 due to unforeseeable circumstances.
1996 Short Poem
W. Gregory Stewart, "Day Omega" (Asimov's Oct/Nov 1996)
1996 Long Poem
Terry Garey, "Spotting UFOs While Canning Tomatoes"
(Serve It Forth -- Cooking with Anne McCaffrey,
Warner Books)
1997 Short Poem
John Grey, "Explaining Frankenstein To His Mother" (Star*Line 20.3, May/Jun 1997)
1997 Long Poem
Laurel Winter, "why goldfish shouldn't use power tools" (Asimov's Dec 1997)
Both Terry A. Garey and Laurel Winter are locals...
pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue.

Aug 5-9, BucConeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, http://www.bucconeer.worldcon.org, bucconeer@bucconeer.worldcon.org , P. O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA. $130 until 15 June 1998.

Oct 29 -Nov1, 1998 World Fantasy Convention. Monterey, CA. FFI: http://www.farrsite.com/wfc/wfc5.htm, '98 World Fantasy Con, c/o Bryan Barrett, 1707 13th Ave. SE, Olympia WA 98501; 360-943-9483.

Oct 30-Nov1, Flashback! The Return of the Relaxacon! Memberships: $18, $25 at door, $10 one-night. At Best Western Northwest Inn, Brooklyn Park MN, $64/night up to 4 people.

Nov 13-15, Windycon XXV, Hyatt Regency Woodfield (Schaumburg IL). GoH: Allen Steele.

Nov 13-15, Tropicon XVII, Sheraton Guest Suites, Cypress Creek FL. GoHs includes Neil Gaiman. Membership $23 to 5/31/98, $25 to 10/31/98, then $28. FFI: www.scifi.squawk.com/tropicon.html, prawlik@concentric.net , 539 37th St., West Palm Beach FL 33407.

Feb 26-28, 1999 ,MarsCon at the Radisson South Hotel. New convention.

Apr 2-4, 1999, Minicon 34 at the Radisson South Hotel, Minneapolis. GoHs: Octavia E. Butler, Mark & Priscilla Olson, Dave Nee. Registrations not yet available. FFI: www.mnstf.org/minicon, request@minicon34.mnstf.org , PO Box 8297 Lake Street Station, Mpls MN 55408.

July 2-4, 1999 CONvergence, Minneapolis MN. New convention. FFI: http://www.convergence-con.org/, converge99@aol.com ,

Aug 6-8, 1999 Diversicon 7. Location and guests TBA.

July 1: Corwin Brust;
2: Neeters Hollister;
3: Jonathan Adams; Dave Crawford;
4: Don Bailey; Kris Spiesz; 5: Laurel Krahn;
8: Doug Friauf;
14: Lalee Kerr;
15: Kay Roberts;
16: Chuck Holst;
17: Floyd Henderson;
18: Eleanor Fregni;
21: Geri Sullivan;
25: Ann Totusek;
27: Polly Peterson;
28: John Johnson.

Editor's Note

The June issue of the Einblatt! was delayed and ultimately aborted due to unforeseen technical difficulties. Our humble apologies to anyone inconvenienced by the interruption.
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