September 2000


Advance Warning

Minn-StF Meetings: October 7 - Irene & Scott Raun’s; & 21 - tba.


Scott Raun & Irene Jennie will be getting married on Thursday, October 5th. Everyone is invited to the Minn-StF meeting they’re hosting October 7th to help celebrate.

CoA: As of 15 Sept, Louie Trainor, 3248 Portland Ave S, Mpls, MN 55407.

Jim & Susan Rittenhouse will be adopting their daughter, Meredith Grace Rittenhouse. Their referral from the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs came through August 4th.


3: Craig Jewell; 4: Michael Schneider, 5: Susan Champeny, Sharon Kahn, Dan Kolby; 6: Greg Foss; 7: Michael A. Zalar; 8: Louie Spooner Trainor; 11: Ed McGlaughlin; 12: Jean Mornard; 16: Jane Hausfeld, Kris Jensen; 17: Barbara Geraud, Kathy Routliffe; 19: Laramie Sasseville; 20: David Schroth; 21: David Dyer-Bennet; 22: Dave Wixon; 23: Matthew B. Tepper; 26: Michael Flowers, Lon Levy, Denny Lien, Mark Richards; 27: Jeanne Mealy; 29: Eileen Lufkin, Anne Miller, Kurt Griesemer; 30: Jon Singer

Publishing News

A Stitch In Time by Monica Ferris (Mary Monica Pulver Kuhfeld) was out July 10th. Raveled Sleeve (tentative title) is at publishers and in-process.

Ama Patterson has a story, "Hussy Strut," in Dark Matter: A Century Of Speculative Fiction From The African Diaspora ed. Sheree R. Thomas (Warner hc).

Year's Best Fantasy And Horror: 13th Annual (ed. EDatlow & TWindling) includes "The Grammarian's Five Daughters" by Eleanor Arnason and two stories by Neil Gaiman: "Harlequin's Valentine" and "Keepsakes and Treasures: A Love Story."

Honorable Mention list in the Year's Best Fantasy And Horror: 13th Annual includes two more stories by Gaiman ("Goliath" and "The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch"); one by Laurel Winter ("Sky Eyes"), and one by ex-local Kij Johnson ("Chenting, in the Land of the Dead.") It also includes two stories from Tales Of The Unanticipated 20: the second Gaiman story just listed, plus "La Lattaia" by Patricia Russo.

Ruth Berman’s poem "The Witches' Supermarket" was published in The Talking Stick, Original Works by Minnesota Writers & Artists (Vol. 9, "A Literary Cookbook Issue"), May 2000.

Ruth Berman had hree poems reprinted, "Nightingale Woman," "The Turning of the Inland Tide/Kirk's Childhood," and "6683 Hollywood Boulevard Haiku," in Star Trek: The Poems, ed. Valerie Laws, Iron Press (seaboy@freenetname.co.uk), 2000 (isbn 0-906228-77-8)

Lyda Morehouse got an honorable mention in Gardner Dozois' 17th Annual Year's Best SF for "Twelve Traditions" (May, SF Age).

Role-playing game rights to Lois McMaster Bujold's "Miles Vorkosigan" series have been sold to Steve Jackson Games (GURPS)--source: August Locus.

Locus Poll Results (as published in their August issue) include A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold (#4 on Best SF Novel list); The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr (#18 on Best Fantasy Novel list); "The Actors" by Eleanor Arnason (#7 on Best Novella list); "Dapple" and "Stellar Harvest" by Arnason (#12 and #13 on Best Novelette list); Dark Detectives ed. Stephen Jones from local publisher Fedogan & Bremer (#14 on Best Anthology list); When Dreams Come True by Jack Zipes (#6 on Best Non-Fiction list); and The Sandman: The Dreamhunters, with text by Neil Gaiman and art by Yoshitaka Amano (#5 on Best Art Book list)

1999 World Fantasy Award nominees include "Sky Eyes" by Laurel Winter (novella); "The Grammarian's Five Daughters" by Eleanor Arnason (novelette); Dark Detectives from Fedogan & Bremer (anthology); and Fedogan & Bremer (specifically Dwayne Olson, Peter Wagtskjold, and Scott Wyatt) in the Special Award--Non-Professional category.

Published: Bruce Schneier’s Secrets and Lies : Digital Security In A Networked World

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue


Sept 15-17. Arcana 30, Holiday Inn Express—Bandana Square, 1010 W Bandana Blvd, St Paul. Guest of Honor: David Drake. $25 January 1-August 1, 2000; $30 At-the-Door. Arcana, PO Box 8036, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, MN 55408. FFI: Eric, 612-721-5959; www.inergy.com/JBROWER, eheideman@uswest.net

Oct 6-8, Valleycon 25, Fargo, ND. GOHs: Stephen Hickman, Melanie Rawn. www.netcenter.net/~jnelson/vc

Oct 13-15, ICON 25, Iowa City, IA. GOHs: Harry Turtledove, Mike Lowrey, Rusty Hevelin, http://www.mindbridge.org/icon

Oct. 20-22: RELAXACON 2000, The Millennial Munchcon, a fall relaxacon with food, Northwest Inn and Conference Center, Brooklyn Park. 763-566-8855, Rooms $69 flat rate. Rates: Adults-$20 till July 9th (the end of Convergence), $25 till Oct. 1st, $30 at the door. Children: 10 and under, and under parental control, FREE. Children 11-16 and under control-$10. One day (24 hour) membership-$15. One night (7pm to 7am) membership-$10. Supporting-$5, convertible to attending at the door for $20. $5 rebate for anyone bringing a dish of food for the con suite. Make checks payable to Rick Gellman. (We haven't set up a bank account yet.) 3700 1st Ave S, Mpls, MN 55409. FFI Rick Gellman, 612-825-8010.

Nov 10-12, WindyCon 0027, Chicago, IL. GOHs: Terry Brooks, Lubov, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Sally Kobee and Larry Smith, Phyllis Eisenstein, Barry B. Longyear, Christian Ready, Laurell Hamilton. http://www.windycon.org

Dec 1-3, SMOFcon 2000, Cocoa Beach, FL. www.sfsfs.org/SMOFcon

April 13-15, 2001. Minicon 36, Hilton Minneapolis & Towers, Mpls, MN. GoHs: Ken MacLeod, Jo Walton, Leslie Fish. Memberships: Adults $30 to 11/15, $40 to 3/15/01, $70 ATD, children $15, Supporting $15. FFI: P.O. Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Mpls, MN 55408, www.mnstf.org/minicon36/

MarsCon 2001: A Space Oddity, May 11-13, 2001, Radisson South, Bloomington. GOH: Jane Yolen, more to be announced later. Adults $25, Children (6-12) $15, Supporting $15 until December 31, 2000. FFI: MarsCon, P.O. Box 600458, St. Paul, MN 55106, info@marscon.org, www.marscon.org. Phone messages: 612-724-0687.

Ongoing Information

Board of Directors: David Dyer-Bennet, Dean Gahlon, Carol Kennedy, Scott Raun, and Martin Schafer. Email board@mnstf.org. Mn-STF meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month.

Minn-STF Hotline: Provides latest information and accepts messages: 612-824-5559; web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/. Minicon web site at: http://www.mnstf.org/minicon/.

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 612-827-3228.

Filk Circle: open to all who like to participate in music with f/sf lyrics. 4th Sunday at 5pm: 3236 Cedar Ave South; FFI: 612-721-6076. Cats.

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