March 2002


Advance Warning

Minn-StF Meetings: Apr 6th, Larry Sanderson's; Apr 20th, Erin McKee & David Wilford's


2: Linda Paul; 3: Peter Toluzzi, Keith Rockhold; 5: Phillip C. Jennings; 8: Joella Bonser, Steve Cox; 9: David Emerson; 10: Margie Lessinger; 14: Ben Lessinger; 16: Megan Totusek, Kate Worley; 18: Bruce Krafft; 19: Karen Cooper; 21: Teresa Nielsen Hayden; 24: Ken Hardwick, Pat Beckfield; 26: Jason Hollister; 27: Bryan Andersen, Peter Hentges; 28: Davey Snyder


Former Minicon GoH Dave Van Ronk died on Sunday, February 10th.

CoEA: Peer Dudda - pgdt@attbi.com

CoA: Doug Wickstrom, 7317 39 Ave N, New Hope, MN 55427. 763-537-9385

CoA: Rachael Lininger, 3518 Nicollet Ave, #104, Minneapolis,MN 55408. HPhone: 612-822-8848, rachael@clue-server.net, Cell: 612-735-5586

Publishing News

Nominees for the 2002 Minnesota Book Awards have been announced - Ruth Berman's Kerlan Awards in Children's Literature, 1975-2001 is one of four candidates in category "Anthology & Collections" and Neil Gaiman's Amerian Gods is one of four candidates in category "Popular Fiction". FFI: www.minnesotahumanities.org/mba2002.htm

Neil Gaiman's American Gods is on the shortlist ballot (one of six) for British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel.

Local publisher: Theft of the Sun and Other New Norse Myths by Douglas Rossman, tp published by Skandisk (Bloomington MN) in 2001.

David Prill sold a collection, Dating Secrets of the Dead, to Subterranean Press

Neil Gaiman will be writing a six-issue miniseries for Marvel Comics

Patricia Wrede is one of the Writers-in-Residence (instructors) at Clarion at Michigan State University this summer.

Correction from last month: Terry Garey's poem "Mars Terraformed" is in the March Asimov's, not the Aprilissue.

Adam Stemple sold Brass Rat (a young adult novel, in collaboration with his mother, Jane Yolen) to Scholastic

Neil Gaiman's American Gods was the #13 bestselling sf/f title of the year according to Amazon.com

Top two positions on Fictionwise.com's list of e-books of 2001 were both by Lois McMaster Bujold: Barrayar and Shards of Honor.

Neil Gaiman's American Gods made Various "best sf/f of 2001 lists," including Amazon.com (which listed it as #2 Fantasy). It also appeared on several other (unranked) lists, including Barnes&Noble.com, Borders.com, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, Washington Post, and Rocky Mountain News.

John M. Ford's The Last Hot Time also made the San Francisco Chronicle list, plus those of Publisher's Weekly and the New York Times Book Review.

Neil Gaiman's American Gods is #10 bestselling hc reported in February Locus. It's also #8 on Amazon.com list reported in same issue.

Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles, Mystery & Mayhem is #10 hc bestseller on same Amazon.com list.

The "2001 Recommended Reading List" in the February Locus includes Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion and Neil Gaiman's American Gods under "Novels--Fantasy;" Lyda Morehouse's Archangel Protocol under "First Novels;" and Sticks And Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children's Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter by Jack Zipes under "Non-Fiction." Former local's Carolyn Ives Gilman's "The Real Thing" and "The Invisible Hand Rolls the Dice" were listed respectively in "Noveletters" and "Short Stories" categories.

Baen books is reprinting all of Joel Rosenberg's out-of-print Guardians of the Flame novels, The Sleeping Dragon through The Road Home, and will also be publishing an omnibus of Joel's SF novels Not For Glory and Hero.

The Midkemia/Guardians crossover novel, Murder in Lamut, by Raymond Feist and Joel Rosenberg, will be out in hardcover from HarperUK on May 7.

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue


March 21-24, Aggiecon 33, Texas A&M. GOH: Neil Gaiman. http://aggiecon.tamu.edu

Mar 29-31, Minicon 37, Mpls Hilton & Towers, Mpls, MN. GoH's: Emma Bull & Will Shetterly, Arthur Hlavaty, Rick Berry. Adults $30 to 12/31, $40 to 2/14, $70 ATD, $15 Supporting. Child $15 to 2/14, $30 ATD. www.mnstf.org/minicon/minicon37/

April 5-7, WillyCon IV, Wayne, NE. GOHs: James P. Hogan, Terese Nielsen, Paul Clites. www.wsc.edu/student/activities/clubs/sfclub/willycon

April 11-14, World Horror Convention 2002, Chicago, IL. GOHs: Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman, Randy Broecker, Gahan Wilson, Jo Fletcher, Beth Gwinn, Melissa Ann Singer, Liz Mandeville Greeson, Jill Thompson, Pat Tallman - Rich "Svengoolie" Koz. http://www.whc2002.org

April 12-14, Odyssey Con 2002, Madison, WI. GOHs: Timothy Zahn, David B. Coe, Gary Gygax. http://www.oddcon.org

April 19-21, Congenial , Racine, WI. http://www.congenial.org

May 3-5, DemiCon The 13th, Des Moines, IA. GOHs: F. Paul Wilson, Alan M. Clark, Dennis Lynch, Rusty Hevelin. http://www.demicon.org

May 24-26, ConQuest 33 1/3, Kansas City, MO. GOHs: Connie Willis, Patrick Nielsen hayden, Kelly Freas and Laura Freas, Michael J. Walsh, Frank M. Robinson. www.kcsciencefiction.org

May 24-27, WisCon 26, Madison, WI. GOHs: Nalo Hopkinson & Nina Kiriki Hoffman. http://www.sf3.org/wiscon

Jul 5-7, Convergence 2002, Radisson South, Mpls, MN. GoH's; Mark Altman, Robert Meyer Burnett, Nene Thomas, Phil Hester, Diane Duane, Peter Morwood. Adults $35 1/1 - 5/15, 2002: $50 ATD. Children 6-12, $15, 5 and under, Free. Supporting $15 to 5/15. www.convergence-con.org

Oct 31 - Nov 3. World Fantasy Convention 2002, Minneapolis, MN. GoH's: Dennis Etchison, Jonathan Carroll, Kathe Koja. Stephen Jones, Dave McKean. Hilton Minneapolis & Towers, Mpls, MN. Memberships $100 through 11/4/2001, more thereafter. FFI: wfc@dreamhavenbooks.com

Ongoing Information

Board of Directors: Laura Jean Fish, Dean Gahlon, Sharon Kahn, Scott Raun, and Larry Sanderson. Email board@mnstf.org. Mn-STF meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month.

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Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 612-827-3228.

Filk Circle: open to all who like to participate in music with f/sf lyrics. 4th Saturday at 5pm: 3236 Cedar Ave South; FFI: 612-721-6076. Cats.

Dagorhir is a medieval LARP similar in some ways to SCA, but using padded weapons. It is an active sport, is safe, and is great fun. Misc Area Parks on Sundays. FFI: belarionmaliwen@hotmail.com.

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