Einblatt! October 2004


Advance Warning

Minn-StF Meetings: Nov 6, cancelled in favor of Halloween at Dreampark; Nov 20, Doug Wickstrom's.


2: Elizabeth LaVelle; 5: Joel Halpern; 6: Joe Agee; 9: Kevin Trainor; 10: Kashia LeBeau, Steve Glennon; 11: Beth Friedman, Barry Watson; 12: Betsy Lundsten; 13: Lisa Bah; 14: Barb Jensen; 16: Ryan Alexander; 17: Andy Anda, Mauricette Keeley; 18: Jeff Schalles; 19: Hewitt Schaefer; 20: Andrew Berlien, Lee Reynolds, Sharon Rosenberg; 21: Nancy McClure; 24: Jerry Boyajian; 25: Sue Grandys; 27: Sergei Alderman, 28: Slugger, 30: Shaun Tancheff


CoA: Laurel Krahn, 4316 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409-1709.

CoEA: Dan Goodman, dsgood@iphouse.com

All Destiny Short Story Competition, http://www.alldestiny.com/

Publishing News

Lois McMaster Bujold won the Best Novel Hugo for Paladin Of Souls and Neil Gaiman won the Best Short Story Hugo for "A Study in Emerald."

Neil Gaiman has an introduction to Harlan Ellison's (short short short) story in the September 2004 of the newly-revived Amazing Stories

Will Shetterly, Elsewhere and Nevernever, Harcourt/Magic Carpet pb reprints out

U of MN professor Mordecai Roshwald's 1959 dystopian novel Level 7 has been reprinted in tp by University of Wisconsin Press

Lois McMaster Bujold, Falling Free, hc novel reprint out from NESFA Press; The Hallowed Hunt (new hc novel) due next June from HarperCollins/Eos

Steven Brust, Sethra Lavode, pb novel reprint due March from Tor

Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm, The Gypsy, tp novel reprint due April from Tor/Orb

Emma Bull, War For The Oaks, tp novel reprint due November from Tor/Teen

Neil Gaiman (about), Hanging Out With The Dream King: Interviews With Neil Gaiman And His Collaborators, by Joe McCabe, tp due from Fantagraphics Books

Joel Rosenberg, Paladins, hc novel now out from Baen; Guardians Of The Flame: To Home & Ehvenor, hc omnibus due November from Baen

John Sladek, The Complete Roderick, tp omnibus out now or soon from Overlook Press

Francis Stevens, The Nightmare And Other Tales Of Dark Fantasy, tp collection from U of Nebraska/Bison Books now supposedly out (more than two years late...)

Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, Sorcery & Cecelia (reprint) and The Grand Tour (new hc novel) out from Harcourt

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue


Oct 8-10, ICON 29, Cedar Rapids, IA. GOHs: Joe Haldeman, Beth Hansen, Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin. http://www.mindbridge.org/icon/

Oct. 15-17, Consume/Relaxacon 2004, Comfort Inn, Plymouth, MN, GOHs: GODZILLA (celebrating his 50th birthday) & Eric M. Heideman. $30 to 10/5, $40 ATD, 11-16 $15, Supporting $5. Food, music, fun & more. FFI: consume@visi.com; http://www.relaxacon.tripod.com; Rick, 651-483-6290.

Nov 5-7, Contraception 16 (adults-only relaxicon), Kansas City, MO. GOHs: Rachael "Roxanne Conrad" Caine, Tim Frayser, David "Ralphie" Williams, Cat Conrad. http://www.sff.net/people/jim.satterfield/My_Homepage_Files/contra/

Nov 12-14, WindyCon 31, Rosemont, IL. GOHs: Robert Sawyer, Jael, Dermot Dobson, Barry & Sally Childs-Helton, Christian Ready. http://www.windycon.org

November 12-14, Fiddler's Green, Minneapolis, MN. GoHs: Neil Gaiman, Karen Berger, Todd Klein, Charles Vess, Caitlin R. Kiernan, others tba. Sandman-focused, with all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. http://www.fiddlersgreencon.org

Nov 26-29, Chambanacon 34, Springfield, IL. GOHs: Juanita Coulson, Tom & Tara Barber, Brenda Sutton. http://www.chambanacon.org/

Dec 3-5, SMOFcon 22, Washington, DC. http://www.seahunt.org/smofcon22/

Mar 25-27, 2005, Minicon 40, Mpls, MN. GoHs: Terry Pratchett, Jim Young. http://www.mnstf.org/minicon/

Ongoing Information

Board of Directors: Joe Agee, Lisa Freitag, Dean Gahlon, Sharon Kahn and Scott Raun. Email board@mnstf.org - which also includes Polly Peterson, the Recording Secretary. Mn-STF meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month, Board meetings are typically the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Minn-STF web site at: www.mnstf.org/. Minicon web site at: www.mnstf.org/minicon/.

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 612-827-3228.

Filk Circle: open to all who like to participate in music with f/sf lyrics. 4th Saturday at 5pm: 3236 Cedar Ave South; FFI: 612-721-6076. Cats.

Artists and Writers: Get your art and thoughts in print in Stipple-Apa, small-and-cozy general-interest publication. FFI: Jeanne Mealy 651-771-7226

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