Einblatt! March 2013


Advance Warning

Minn-StF Meetings: Apr 6 & 20, hosts TBD


Uncle Hugo's 39th Anniversary Sale - 10% off at Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's – Friday-Sunday, Mar 1st-10th.

GPS Team Trivia: Apr 6. FFI: http://beta.geekpartnership.org/wp/gps-team-trivia-challenge-2013/

The Minn-StF Picnic will be July 20th, starting at 12N.

Thanks to recent meeting hosts: Irene & Scott Raun, Mark Richards, Patricia Zetelumen, Sharon Kahn & Richard Tatge, Erin McKee & David Wilford, Clay Harris, Lydia Nickerson, David & Pamela Dyer-Bennet, Beth Friedman, Linda Lounsbury, Dean Gahlon & Laura Krentz, Bill Christ, Carole Vandal, Hershey Lima, Corwin & Dee Brust, Becca & Graham Leathers, Emily Stewart & Aaron Vander Giessen.


9: David Emerson; 10: Margie Lessinger; 14: Ben Lessinger; 16: Megan Totusek; 19: Karen Cooper; 21: Teresa Nielsen Hayden; 27: Bryan Andersen, Peter Hentges; 28: Davey Snyder, 31: Seven Anderson

Publishing News

Laramie Sassevill (as Naomi Stone): Dec '12: e-book Sweet Mercy from Champagne books; Jan '13: short story 'The Wind from the Lake' in Love in the Land of Lakes, Midwest Fiction Writers chapter of Romance Writers of America anthology; April, 2013: e-book, Spirited! from Champagne Books; May, 2012: e-book, Wonder Guy, from Lyrical Press

Naomi Kritzer, "Solidarity" in the March/April 2013 Magazine of F&SF and "The Wall" in the April/May 2013 Asimov's

Local publisher (including some local authors): Bascom Hill, Future Cities, tp anthology: FFI: thetangential.com/futurecities/

pb=mass market paperback. hc=hardcover. tp=trade paperback nf=nonfiction. coll=collection. anth=anthology. r=reissue


Mar 1-3. MarsCon 2013, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Suites, Bloomington, MN. http://marscon.org/2013/index.php

Mar 29-31. Minicon 48, Bloomington, MN. GoHs: Julie Czernada, Richard Tatge. http://www.mnstf.org/minicon48/

April 12-14. Odyssey Con, Madison, WI. (Pre-reg Deadline Mar 23.) www.odysseycon.org/

April 19-21. Constellation, Lincoln, NE. GoH: Connie Willis, Tara Ruepling (Pre-reg Deadline Mar 1.) http://constellationne.net/

April 26-28. OmegaCon, Siren, WI. (Pre-reg Deadline Mar 15.) http://www.omegacon.org/

May 3-5. DemiCon, Des Moines, IA. GoH: David Weber, Scott Ross, Mitch & Mary Thompson (Pre-reg Deadline Apr 1, Hotel Reservation Deadline Apr 12.) http://www.demicon.org/

May 3-5. CoreCon V, Moorhead, MN. GoH: Patricia Tallman, Michael Merriam, Joseph Scrimshaw. Terrance Brown II. http://www.fargocorecon.org/

May 17-19. Keycon Winnipeg, MB CA

May 24-26. ConQuest 44, Kansas City, MO. GoH: Patrick Rothfuss, Chris Garcia, Patricia C. Wrede, John Picacio, Teresa Nielsen Hayden http://conquestkc.org/

May 24-27. BayCon, Santa Clara, CA. GoH: Lois McMaster Bujold, Chris and John O'Halloran http://www.baycon.org/2013/

May 24-27. WisCon, Madison, WI. GoH: Joan Slonczewski, Jo Walton http://www.wiscon.info/

May 24-26. Brit Con MN. Double Tree Park Place. St. Louis Park, MN. http://www.britconmn.org

Jun 21-23. 4th Street Fantasy Convention. Spring Hill Suites, Marriott, St Lous Park, MN. www.4thstreetfantasy.com/2013/

Jun 28-30. DucKon, Wheeling, IL. GoH: Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Bill Higgins, Cheryl Storm, Lee Darrow (Pre-reg Deadline May 15.) http://www.duckon.org/

Jul 4-7. CONvergence 2013. Doubletree by Hilton, Bloomington, MN. GoH: Charlie Jane Anders, Lou Anders, Caitlin Blackwood, Bill Corbett, Paul Cornell, James Moran, Kevin Murphy, John Picacio, Melinda Snodgrass (Pre-reg Deadline May 15.) http://convergence-con.org/

Aug 2-4. Diversicon, St. Paul, MN GoH: Jack McDevitt (Pre-reg Deadlines Mar 15/Jul 14.) http://www.diversicon.org/

Aug 29-Sept 2. LoneStarCon3. San Antonio, TX. FFI: http://www.lonestarcon3.org/

Aug 14-18, 2014. Loncon 3. London, England. FFI: http://www.loncon3.org/

Ongoing Information

Board of Directors: Beth Friedman, Dean Gahlon, Hershey Lima, Scott Raun, and Emily Stewart. Email board@mnstf.org. Mn-STF meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month, Board meeting minutes are posted at http://www.mnstf.org/records/board-minutes/, check there for the next board meeting.

Minn-STF web site at: www.mnstf.org/. Minicon web site at: www.mnstf.org/minicon/.

Gamesday Players: Board & card gaming almost every Friday evening. FFI: Richard Tatge at 612-827-3228.

Filk Circle: open to all who like to participate in music with f/sf lyrics. 4th Sunday at 5pm. FFI: Rich Brown, 651-646-2159, rab@freemars.org

PRINT FANDOM LIVES! Stipple-Apa is a healthy general-interest publication with members in six countries. Local collations are every six weeks. Chat with fellow fans the classic way. FFI: Jeanne Mealy, 651-771-7226

Einblatt from July 95 to date is on the web at www.mnstf.org/einblatt/. Einblatt is distributed via e-mailing-list - sign up at the website (here). The Dead-tree Einblatt is available by subscription. Cost is $10, payable by check mailed to the Minn-StF PO Box, check or cash handed to YrHumbleEinblattEd (as of December 2009, Scott Raun), or PayPal to webmaster@minicon.org.

This Einblatt was edited by Scott Raun with the assistance of Denny Lien (publishing news) and Kevin Austin(conventions).

Einblatt is a monthly publication of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, devoted to news of the local SF community. E-mail same to einblatt@mnstf.org, or send to Scott Raun, 3928 11th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407; or call him at 612-822-0451. Email submissions most preferred, no phone calls after 10pm. // Next Einblatt! Deadline: 11:59PM March 28th, 2012.