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MNStf's Excuse To Have October Diversions *grin*

When is it?

October 18–20, 2013

METHOD Con is now over. Perhaps you would be interested in METHOD Con 2? Or you can go to Minn-stf's home page to see what we're up to now. METHOD Con had 56 members, 47 of whom were full pre-registering members, 2 of whom pre-regged for a day membership, 6 came at the door for the whole weekend and 1 for a day. All but one pre-registered member attended, for a warm body count of 55.

Where is it?

SpringHills Suites Marriott, 5901 Wayzata Blvd, St Louis Park, MN.

We've decided to try a new hotel this year. If you can, please help out by getting a room in our courtesy block directly above and beside the event space. This room block will hopefully solve any noise complaint issues. Rooms are $99 for a king suite and $109 for a 2 queen suite. All rooms are suites that include breakfast in the hotel's hot breakfast buffet, a sofa bed, refrigerator, and microwave.

This hotel rose to the top of our options because it worked so well for 4th Street Fantasy Con and because all event space (including the pool) is so close together.

You can make a reservation by calling the hotel directly at: 952-738-7300 and mentioning METHOD Con. Or you can use this special link from the hotel for 1 king bed or this one for 2 queens to get the rate online. (Put in your dates on the left hand side and click "find" at the bottom of that box.)

The negotiated hotel rate ended on 10/2/13, but they said they would still try to get anyone else as good of a rate as possible. As of Oct 3, the links above still work. If you find that they don't, please call the hotel directly at 952-738-7300, mention METHOD Con, and ask what they can do for you.

What is happening at METHOD Con?

METHOD Con is based on previous Minn-stf fallcons. Many thanks to Beth, Kevin and Laurel, and previous chairs and volunteers for keeping this event going.

You can expect pretty much what has happened at previous fallcons: food, gaming, music, conversation, relaxing, and having fun. Laura always blows me away with what she sets-up for programming. Here is the tentative program schedule, and a PDF of the program book.

We will be having an options group order for dinner on Saturday. Details on how to get in on that here.

Who is running METHOD Con?

Volunteers welcome!

I am looking for help with decorations, set-up, tear-down, and covering shifts in consuite. Please let me (Patricia; methodcon at mnstf.org) know if you can help with any of these! And THANKS!

How much is it?

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Print and fill out a registration form and print it with cash or check to the con. We are no longer accepting mail-in registrations or PayPal payment. We will also have blank forms at the con for you to use.

Now that I've decided to go, what else do I need to know?


The con has developed a Steampunk theme this year. I'm hoping you all will wear your Steampunk (or other fun) finery during the Saturday concert block.


A number of registrants have chemical/fragrance sensitivities and we are requesting that the event space be as fragrance-free a possible. Please limit your use of perfume, cologne, scented fabric softeners, air-fresheners, hair-spray, scented lotions, scented shampoos, etc., as such products may trigger allergic reactions, cause health problems, and/or limit some con members ability to participate in the con. Thank you for your understanding and for any extra effort you may need to take to comply with this request. (If you are unsure if your products will be OK, always go with "unscented" when you have an option and feel free to ask. Thanks!)

Items to Bring

Laura pulled together a list of things that you might want to include when packing, in order to participate more fully in programming.

Directions (don't go to the old 4th Street Fantasy Con hotel).

From the East:

From the West:

Don't ask me about madness.
No really. Don't.

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