Due to the public health risk of COVID-19, Minicon 55 has been postponed until April 15-17, 2022. Please read the statement from the chairs for more information.

About Minicon 55

What is Minicon and who is running it.

Minicon is Minneapolis's longest running science fiction convention! We hope you'll join us this year. You'll be in the company of about 500 other fans of not only science fiction, but fantasy, horror, anime, gaming, music, and many other pursuits.

Minicon features panel discussions, readings, signings, costuming, films, gaming, an art show, a dealers' room, kids' programming, a teen lounge and teen programming, a science room, music, a consuite and bar, room parties, and various other special events. For all that, most people say they don't come for what we have scheduled, but because they want to hang out with others like them in a place that feels like home.

If you haven't been to Minicon before, you might not be familiar with our breed of convention. This is not a "show" where you are paying to get in and then paying again to get autographs, and again for food, etc. Our registration fee covers all of the con features … once you're in, you're in. (Ok, we'll admit that the t-shirts are extra.) It is primarily a participatory event where fans bring the fun to each other, not one where we primarily line up events to entertain you. Sure, there will be entertainment, but with the exception of the guests of honor, it is all fans (who have paid the same as you for their membership) entertaining fans because they enjoy it.

Minicon 55 will be April 15-17, 2022, which, as usual, is Easter weekend.

Convention Committee

The convention committee (or concom) are the people that organize and run the convention. Anybody can help out on the committee as long as you're willing to put in the work to put on a great convention. If you'd like to help, please email .

Don & Sharla Stremski
Art Show
Rachel Traynham
Bill Christ
Susan Philbrook (head) & Brian Lundgren
Bozo Bus Tribune
Thorin Tatge
Code of conduct
Eric Forste
Hershey Harris (head), Mark O'Pray
Costume contest
George Richard
Dealer's room
Jean Mlynczak
Electronic PR delivery
David Dyer-Bennet
E-mail address handler
Matt Strait
Film room
Michael Kingsley
Green Room
Karen Cooper, Sharon Kahn
Guest Liaison
Rick Snyder (head), Tom Hogan
Hotel Liaison
Aaron Vander Giessen
Emily Stewart
James Porter
Medallion Hunt
Jason Spitzer
Beth Kinderman
Next Gen/Teen Room
Isaac Schneider
Toni Brust
Party Liaison
Crystal Therese
Katie Clapham & Emily Stewart
Sharla Stremski, Susan Philbrook, Laramie Sasseville, Emily Stewart
David Dyer-Bennet
Clay Harris
Registration/Info table
Matt Strait
Rumpus Room (kids' programming)
Bonnie Somdahl
Science Room
Ben Huset
Social Media
Aaron Vander Geissen
Matt Strait
Sharon Kahn
Joe Pregracke