Because covid is unpredictable, this policy may change, but we don't plan to change it capriciously. If you buy a membership, you're agreeing to follow whatever the rules turn out to be. If you disagree with the rules, you can transfer your membership (see here), but you cannot have a refund.


Minicon 56 requires attending members to have received a bivalent covid booster (also known as an "updated booster"), if eligible. If you got a booster since September 1, 2022, it was bivalent. Most people over age 5 are eligible for a bivalent booster. See the CDC's info page for details.

We reserve the right to check your vaccination status at the time of badge pick-up. Acceptable forms of proof include an original vaccination card, a photo of it, or a phone app.


Masks are optional except as follows:

  • In panel programming rooms masks are required for both panelists and the audience.
  • In concerts, masks are required for the audience, but not for performers on stage.
  • In the official music circle, masks are required except for the participant currently taking their turn.

This list is subject to change. Signs around the con will mark whether masks are required or optional.

Where required, masks must cover both the nose and mouth and be at least as good as a multi-layer cloth mask. We strongly encourage more effective masks such as surgical masks and N-95s.

We will have free N-95s at the registration desk for anyone who wants one. N-95 masks, worn properly, are highly effective at protecting both the wearer from others and others from the wearer.

Air filters

We will be running high-quality HEPA filters: